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Diehl may be out only a week

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Diehl may be out only a week

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:28 pm

David Diehl is expected to be out “several weeks” with his hip and hamstring injuries, but he has a different definition of “several.” He thinks that will mean “one”.

The Giants’ durable left tackle told ESPN Radio today that he is hoping to be back next Sunday, Nov. 21, when the Giants play the Eagles in a Sunday night showdown in Philadelphia. It’s unclear if that’s a reasonable goal, given the fact that his hamstring is partially torn and he has an injury to his hip muscle, but that’s not going to stop the 30-year-old left tackle from giving it a try.

“My goal is to be back at Philadelphia next week,” Diehl said on the McDonald and Tierney Show this afternoon. “Im going to try doing my best to make sure I’m back. It’s the first time I’ve been hurt. I’ve been able to fight through things before. When you’re doing anything you set a goal in mind and mine is to try to come back for that game.”

Diehl confirmed that his injury occurred blocking for the Giants’ final extra point attempt of the first half. He said he “just got my leg trapped underneath when guys were pushing on me and my leg was straight.” He was immediately taken to the locker room for X-Rays on his hip, which were negative. The Giants later announced he had a “sprained hip.”

Several sources, though, have confirmed the more serious injury is to his hamstring - - and Diehl confirmed that, too.

“It’s my hamstring,” Diehl said. “I hurt my hamstring. I’m just glad that it isn’t my hip because if you hurt your hip that’s surgery and stuff like that. It’s just muscular and it’s going to take a little time to heal up a little bit.”


Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Remember on Sunday when WR Steve Smith celebrated his touchdown by running to the wall of Qwest Stadium and positing with a banner with the No. 12 on it - - for the “12th Man,” not for Smith’s uniform number? And remember how he got doused with beer?

Well, Diehl had some pointed words (and a pointed finger … not that one) for the fan who dumped the beer on his teammate. Brandon Tierney and Jody McDonald asked him about that, too.

“I told him he was an idiot for wasting his beer with the scoreboard like that,” Diehl said. “And I was giving him a little comment about him being a face painter. I think there’s a line that needs to be drawn somewhere. It was green and blue and he had a lot of glitter on it. I think the glitter is what put me over the edge.”

The glitter-face look was disturbing. But dumping a beer? That’s just tragic, even if, as Smith suspected, it was a Miller Lite.

“Who throws a beer?” Diehl asked. “Who wastes a beer like that? Definitely not me.”
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