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article: The 2010 Giants Season: A Reader's Retrospect

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article: The 2010 Giants Season: A Reader's Retrospect

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:21 pm

here is a good letter to the editor from

The 2010 Giants Season: A Reader's Retrospect

The following submission was sent in by Ted M. as a Letter to the Editor. It’s so good that I thought it warranted its own entry as a standalone article. -- Pat

This will be my final rant until the NFL resumes play ( for the Giants ) in 2011 or beyond. Let me thank you, at the outset, for your fine, highly professional work all season. We appreciate the effort and the passion required.

On to the rant:

I fail to understand why Coach Coughlin, good as he may be, isn't held responsible for the terrible coaching of the special teams, the linebackers, the quarterback and the wide receivers. One could likely include the DB coach as well. Tom Coughlin hires and maintains this staff, after all.

It is clear that the team lacks accountability. I did not hear one player state, with anger and passion in his voice, that this team embarrassed itself, it embarrassed the ownership and it embarrassed the fans.

The hard truth is that when the Giants could have taken control of the NFC East they panicked. They choked at every level --two weeks in a row! And that is inexcusable; that is embarrassing.

Rather, they look at a 10-6 record and state how if one or two plays had gone differently they would be in the playoffs.

The fact is, this team allowed the single greatest collapse in Giants history in the failure in Philadelphia. It was worse than "the fumble" because this time the game outcome really mattered. It was a meaningful failure rather than merely a symbolic one.

And then the team and the coaches chose not to show up at all in Green Bay. Winning the last game of the season against a terrible Redskins team is not a palliative.

I think ownership, the GM and the head coach are deluding themselves. John Mara recently said, "We had a chance to beat Philadelphia (21 point lead with 8 minutes left, is that what you mean, John?); and we could have come back the next week to beat Green Bay. … and we should have beaten Dallas at home."

(And the Browns "could have" gone undefeated, right?)

“Coulda, woulda, shoulda.” The rants of the delusional. The rants of failure.

Then Jerry Reese tells us, " I don't know that we have to do a lot of wholesale changes."

(Thanks, Jerry. Only that's what you said last year, too.)

And let's take a look at some of the areas that apparently don't require wholesale changes:

  • The Giants led the NFL ( not just the NFC East ) with 42 turnovers.
  • The Giants QB threw 4 interceptions inside the 20 yard line, including 3 inside the 9 yard line.
  • The Giants were 2-4 against teams they played who are going to the playoffs, and one of those wins was against the sub-par Seahawks.
  • The Giants ranked 30th in the NFL in net punting, and 31st in both kick-off returns and punt returns.

Who was it, again, that said, "You are what your record says you are?"

No one from the Giants is being remotely honest in their assessments of this team. We still hear the following blather;

Reese: "We felt like we had an opportunity to really do some damage if we got into the playoffs."
And as evidence of this gut feeling , Jerry, do you cite the Eagles game and the Green Bay game, too?

Reese: “It's really disappointing, even more so than last year."
John Mara termed last year's collapse as unacceptable). So now it's disappointing, rather than unacceptable?

Tuck: "I mean, we had a pretty good year "
So not making the playoffs and assuring a 19th draft pick at the same time is pretty good?

Manning: "I'm not a 25 interception quarterback."
Except you DID throw 25 interceptions this year.

Tuck: "We did a lot of good things. We just didn't do enough."
Can't every loser say the same thing? Is there a team that didn't do at least one good thing?

Manning: " I've got to be smarter at times, and be more careful with the ball."
We have heard this line after every loss for two years now, maybe more. Isn't it time to learn something and change, or must we conclude that he cannot do either?

The Giants also seem, at least for the past two seasons, to have an avalanche of devastating injuries. Are we monumentally unlucky or are we doing something wrong somewhere in training, in recruiting, in practice? Isn't this worth a look?

In conclusion, I think we are more than a "tweak away" from being a Super Bowl contender. We don't have the right coaches in many cases, and we don't have the right players in many cases. – Ted M.

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