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League offseason season kickoff

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League offseason season kickoff

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:24 am

Tomorrow we will find out about the league returning to normal operations.

more importanly it is likely that from sometime next week we will be able to sign and trade players.

The parameters are being finalised, but it looks likely that we will be playing under the 2010 rules.

Ie there will be no limit or floor on how much a team spends on players

and that players will require 6 accrued seasons to be eligible for free agency.
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Re: League offseason season kickoff

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:36 am

for the Giants, this means that the following players are Restricted Free Agents (and their tenders):

  • G Kevin Boothe - Original Round (6th), $1.325M (est)
  • TE Kevin Boss - Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • RB Ahmad Bradshaw - Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • DT Barry Cofield - Second-Round*, $1.96M (est.)
  • DE Mathias Kiwanuka Original Round (2nd round comp), $1.935M (est.)
  • WR Steve Smith - Second-Round, $1.91M
  • DE Dave Tollefson - Second-Round*. $1.91M

These players are off contract as UFA

S Deon Grant
LB Keith Bulluck
LB Chase Blackbun
LB Gerris Wilkinson
S Michael Johnson

With OL Shawn Andrews, wer have an option we can pick up if we choose
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Re: League offseason season kickoff

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:58 am

Here are the likely restricted free agents (and their tenders)

Arizona Cardinals

  • Alan Branch, DT (4); Unknown
  • Steve Breaston, WR (4); First-Round*, $2.736M
  • Early Doucet, WR (3); Unknown
  • Tim Hightower, RB (3); Unknown
  • Brandon Keith, G (3); Unknown
  • Deuce Lutui, G (5); Second-Round*, $1.96M
  • Lyle Sendlein, C (4): Second-Round*, $1.91M

Atlanta Falcons

  • Brent Grimes, CB (3); First-Round*, $2.611M
  • Jason Snelling, RB (4); Second-Round*; $1.91M

Baltimore Ravens

  • Oniel Cousins, OT (3); Original Round (3rd), $1.2M
  • Lamar Divens, DT (3): Right of First Refusal, $1.2M
  • Tavares Gooden, LB (3); Original Round (3rd), $1.2M
  • Jameel McClain, LB (3); Second-Round*, $1.835M
  • Haruku Nakamura, S (3): Original Round (6th), $1.2M
  • Jalen Parmele, RB (3); Original Round (6th), $1.2M
  • Marcus Smith, WR (3); Original Round (4th), $1.2M
  • kelly Talavou, DT (3); Right of First Refusal, $1.2M
  • Tom Zbikowski, S (3); Original Round (3rd), $1.2M

Note: Divens signed his tender on 3/3.

Buffalo Bills

  • Scott Chandler, TE (3); Unknown
  • Paul Posluszny, LB (4); Unknown
  • Donte Whitner, S (5); Unknown

Carolina Panthers

  • James Anderson, LB (5); Unknown
  • David Clowney, WR (3); Unknown
  • Marcus Hudson, S (5); Unknown
  • J.J. Jansen, LS (3); Unknown
  • Charles Johnson, DE (4); Unknown
  • Jeff King, TE (5); Unknown
  • Derek Landri, DT (4); Unknown
  • Rhys Lloyd, K (4); Unknown
  • Richard Marshall, CB (5); Unknown
  • Matt Moore, QB (4); Unknown
  • Dante Rosario, TE (4); Unknown
  • Jordan Senn, LB (3); Unknown
  • DeAngelo Williams, RB (5); Unknown
  • C.J. Wilson, CB (4); Unknown

Chicago Bears

  • Corey Graham, CB (4); Unknown
  • Caleb Hanie, QB (3); Right of First Refusal, $1.2M
  • Danieal Manning, S (5); Unknown
  • Nick Roach, LB (4): Unknown

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Brandon Johnson, LB (5): Second-Round, $1.96M (est.)
  • Johnathan Joseph, CB (5); First- and Third-Round, $3.542M (est.)
  • Nate Livings, G (3); Right of First Refusal, $1.2M

Cleveland Browns

  • D'Qwell Jackson, LB (5); Second-Round, $1.96M
  • Evan Moore, TE (3); Second-Round*, $1.835M

Note: Jackson signed a one-year contract worth up to $4.5 million.

Dallas Cowboys

  • Alan Ball, S (3): Original Round (7th), $1.2M
  • Stephen Bowen, DE (5); Second-Round*, $1.96M (est.)
  • Doug Free, OT (4); First- and Third-Round*, $3.442M
  • Jason Hatcher, DE (5): Second-Round*, $1.96M (est.)

Denver Broncos

  • Ryan Harris, OT (4): Unknown
  • Matt Prater, K (4): Unknown
  • Marcus Thomas, DT (4): Unknown
  • Kevin Vickerson, DT (5); Unknown
  • Wesley Woodyard, LB (3); Unknown

Detroit Lions

  • Cliff Avril, DE (3): First- and Third-Round*, $3.317M
  • Jerome Felton, FB (3): Original Round (5th), $1.2M
  • Dylan Gandy, G (5); Original Round (4th), $1.325M (est.)
  • Chris Houston, CB (4); Unknown
  • Drew Stanton, QB (4): Original Round (3rd), $1.275M
  • John Wendling, S (4); Original Round (6th), $1.275M

Green Bay Packers

  • Daryn Colledge, G (5); Second-Round, $1.96M
  • Mason Crobsy, K (4): Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • John Kuhn, FB (5); Right of First Refusal, $1.325M
  • James Jones, WR (4); Unknown

Houston Texans

  • Mark Anderson, DE (5); Second-Round*, $1.96M
  • Mike Brisiel, G (3); Second-Round*, $1.835M
  • Rashad Butler, G (5); Original Round (3rd), $1.325M
  • Owen Daniels, TE (5); First-Round*, $3.542M
  • Jacoby Jones, WR (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • Matt Leinart, QB (5); First-Round, $3.542M

Note: Daniels signed a four-year, $22 million extension.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Joseph Addai, RB (5); First-Round, $3.542M
  • Melvin Bullitt, S (4); Right of First Refusal, $1.275M
  • Eric Foster, DT (3); Right of First Refusal, $1.2M
  • Daniel Muir, DT (4); Right of First Refusal, $1.275M
  • Clint Session, LB (4): Second-Round*, $1.91M

Jacksonville Jaguars


Kansas City Chiefs

  • Brandon Carr, CB (3); First-Round*, $2.611M
  • Wallace Gilberry, DE (3); Second-Round*, $1.835M
  • Barry Richardson, OT (3); Second-Round&, $1.835M

Miami Dolphins

  • Nate Garner, G (3); Unknown
  • Tyler Thigpen, QB (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M

Minnesota Vikings

  • Husain Abdullah, S (3); Second-Round*, $1.835M
  • Ryan Cook, G (5); Second-Round, $1.96M (est.)
  • Ray Edwards, DE (5); First-Round*, $3.542M (est.)
  • Erin Henderson, LB (3); Unknown
  • Sidney Rice, WR (4); First-Round*, $3.442M
  • Brian Robison, DE (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M

New England Patriots

  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB (3); Second-Round*; $1.835M
  • Jarrad Page, S (5); Second-Round, $1.96M

New Orleans Saints

  • Remi Ayodele, DT (4); Unknown
  • Jermon Bushrod, OT (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • Jeff Charleston, DE (4); Unknown
  • Roman Harper, S (5); Unknown
  • Lance Moore, WR (5); Second-Round*, $1.96M
  • Carl Nicks, G (3): First-Round*, $2.611M
  • David Thomas, TE (5); Unknown
  • Pierre Thomas, RB (4); Second Round*, $1.8524M (110% his 2010 salary)
  • Usama Young, S (4); Original Round (3rd), $1.275M

Note: Thomas signed four-year extension.

New York Giants

  • Kevin Boothe, G (5); Original Round (6th), $1.325M (est)
  • Kevin Boss, TE (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • Ahmad Bradshaw, RB (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • Barry Cofield, DT (5); Second-Round*, $1.96M (est.)
  • Mathias Kiwanuka, DE (5); Original Round (2nd round comp), $1.935M (est.)
  • Steve Smith, WR (4); Second-Round, $1.91M
  • Dave Tollefson, DE (4); Second-Round*. $1.91M

New York Jets

  • Kellen Clemens, QB (5); Original Round (3rd), $1.325M (est.)
  • Drew Coleman, CB (5); Original Round (6th),
  • Antonio Cromartie, CB (5); First- and Third-Round*, $3.542M
  • Nick Folk, K (4); Original Round (6th), $1.2M
  • Santonio Holmes, WR (5); First- and Third-Round*, $3.542M
  • James Ihedigbo, S (5); Right of First Refusal
  • Brad Smith, WR (5); Second-Round*, $1.96M (est.)
  • Eric Smith, S (5); Original Round (3rd), $1.325M (est.)
  • Robert Turner, OT (3); Right of First Refusal, $1.2M

Oakland Raiders

  • Ricky Brown, LB (5); Second-Round*, $1.96M (est.)
  • Michael Bush, RB (4); First- and Third-Round*, $3.442M
  • Zach Miller, TE (4); First-and Third-Round*, $3.442
  • Samson Satele, C (4); Unknown

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Steward Bradley, LB (4); Second Round*, $1.91M
  • Max Jean-Gilles, G (5); Original Round, $1.325M (est.)
  • Jerome Harrison, RB (5); Second-Round*, $1.96M
  • Dimitri Patterson, CB (5); Right of First Refusal, $1.325M (est.)
  • Sav Rocca, P (4); Right of First Refusal, $1.275M

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Willie Colon, OT (5); First Round*, $2.773M (110% his 2010 salary)

San Diego Chargers

  • Antwan Applewhite, LB (3); Second-Round*, $1.835M
  • Antwan Barnes, LB (4); Original Round (4th), $1.275M
  • Jeromey Clary, OT (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • Malcolm Floyd, WR (5); First- and Third-Round*, $3.552M (est)
  • Dante Hughes, CB (4); Original Round (3rd), $1.275M
  • Paul Oliver, S (4); Original Round (4th), $1.275M
  • Brandon Siler, LB (4); Original Round (7th), $1.275M
  • Mike Tolbert, RB (3); Second-Round*, $1.835M
  • Eric Weddle, S (4); First-Round*, $2.736M

San Francisco 49ers

  • Dashon Goldson, S (4); Unknown
  • Manny Lawson, LB (5); Unknown
  • Ray McDonald, DL (4); Unknown

St. Louis Rams

  • Chris Chamberlain, LB (3); Original Round (7th), $1.2M
  • Daniel Fells, TE (4); Right of First Refusal, $1.275M
  • Renardo Foster, OT (3); Right of First Refusal, $1.2M
  • Gary Gibson, DT (4); Right of First Refusal, $1.275M
  • John Greco, G (3); Original Round (3rd), $1.2M
  • David Vobora, LB (3); Original Round (7th), $1.2M

Seattle Seahawks

  • Will Herring, LB (4): Original Round (5th), $1.275M
  • Brandon Mebane, DT (4): Original Round (3rd), $1.275M

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers sent their restricted free agents one-year tenders. Those are currently undisclosed.

Tennessee Titans

  • Patrick Bailey, LB (3); Right of First Refusal, $1.2M
  • Jacob Ford, DE (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • Ahmard Hall, FB (5); Right of First Refusal, $1.325M (est.)
  • LeRoy Harris, G (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • Michael Otto, T (3); Original Round (7th), $1.2M
  • Tim Shaw, LB (3); Original Round (5th), $1.2M
  • Stephen Tulloch, LB (5); First-Round*, $3.542M (est.)

Washington Redskins

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Re: League offseason season kickoff

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:01 am

Normally we don't see much movement with RFAs, but it could be a little different this year.

Teams haven't been able to trade players during the draft and any pick compensation wouldn't happen until next year.

I could see three of the Giants RFAs attrecting attention from other teams - Steve Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw and Barry Cofield.
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Re: League offseason season kickoff

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