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Ideas - two positional moves

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Ideas - two positional moves

Post  Big_Pete on Thu May 05, 2011 8:53 pm

Here are two moves I would like to see considered and why. Note these could be part time moves.

I know some will not like them Smile

1. Clint Sintim to DE

Clint Sintim has ability, but he is more of a physical north/south kind of guy and isn't a good fit for the Tampa 2 style of LBs we need under Fewell's system. Sintim is a physical player, has good strength, quickness and is a quality pass rusher. If Kiwanuka isn't back, then we do have potential need at DE. If we sign a veteran MLB such as Ruud or Poslunszy, we could slide Goff to SLB.

Sintim would be a passrusher (from DE and LB) and special teamer.

2 Terrell Thomas to S

If Grant doesn't return (he reportedly wants to be a starter), we have a need at safety, particularly in our three safety packages. Considering we drafted Amukamara it is quite possible we don't sign a major free agent. We would likely need to find a third safety from our current roster.

Most likely we would need to move a CB to safety (part time), this would be a case of getting our best DBs on the field. Either Thomas or Amukamara are the most likely candidates. Amukamara has more speed and athleticism, I think Thomas would be a better fit to split time at safety with Rolle or Phillips filling the role Grant did last year in our three safety sets.

Thomas would still be the starting CB in our base packages, cover the slot in our nickel packages (with Amukamara covering the outside) and centerfield FS in our three safety sets.
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Giants Legend

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Re: Ideas - two positional moves

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Fri May 06, 2011 7:39 am

Sintim is going to have a hard time finding the right position to play for the Giants. I'm afraid to say this was probably a wasted drafted pick.

The Giants will likely start Prince out slow. He'll likely see game time as the third corner/safety much like we've seen Ross play in the past. At least until he's proved to be a better option over Thomas.
56 Crazed Dogs
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