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Giants beat up by Seahawks

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Giants beat up by Seahawks

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:39 am

The good the bad and the ugly of this game.

The Good

Cruz keeps impressing each week with his big playmaking ability. Unfortunately everytime he makes a good play a bad one seems to follow.

Nicks still looks good.

Jaquain Williams and Michael Boley are taking care of business as the backers.
Osi and P-Paul continue to do their thing.

Jake Ballard is the man out there. Excellent plays made each and every week.

Aren't you glad we kept Weatherford instead of Dodge?

The Bad

Eli is turning the ball over way too much again.
2 fumbles and 3 INT's is unacceptable.

Ahmad Bradshaw looks bad out there right now. He's the kind of runner that is suppose to make even a bad o-line look good. It's just not happening.

The Ugly

Offensive Line. McKenzie-Snee are big let downs so far this season. They are getting abused and very badly.

Return Coverage. Gimme a break, Weatherford is booming the ball and the Giants still can't make a tackle to set them back.

3rd downs. Sorry but 1-12 isn't going to get it done in any game. When you are that bad then you deserve to lose.

56 Crazed Dogs
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

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Re: Giants beat up by Seahawks

Post  Pizan on Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:32 pm

Nice write up, Todd. A few of my thoughts.


Cruz. Shouldn't have to say anymore but just hold onto the ball when your trying for extra yards. I was just waiting to see that ball pop out.

Ballard does a nice job of getting forgotten and sneaking past defenders. Its kinda funny actually.

Jac. Williams is gonna be player for us. I like him a lot as a nickle backer. A lot.


Our defense lacks creativity. Waaaaay to predictable. Man I miss Spags.

Kiwi gets a sack! . . . at LDE. Damn it Coughlin move him back to DE already and sign/trade for a quality backer.

Oline was hurting. If Baas and Snee miss next week against Buf we might see Petrus out there but we need those guys to be healthy.

Eli. . . . Was Eli.

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