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Guide to draft strategy etc

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Guide to draft strategy etc Empty Guide to draft strategy etc

Post  Big_Pete on Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:16 am

Here is a guide I found interesting from thehuddlereport's Drew Boylhart. There isn't too much profound stuff here. Sure every team's exact draft philosophy will differ, but it is a good reminder of how teams generally should approach the draft


Workouts should confirm what you already know.

How a player plays the game is just as important as any stat.

Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole story.

Character is as important as talent.

Your team will not win if they draft criminals.

The Combine should be for medical evaluations and for coaches to interview players on coachability — not to evaluate     talent or second guess scout evaluations.

Scouts evaluate talent; they do not draft, or slot, players.
Coaches coach talent.  History proves most, if not all are not good talent evaluators. 

GM’s & coaches place the value of a player to the team; scouts cannot because they are too close to the player’s profile.

Many times, scouts plant “inside” details to manipulate and gather more information.

Don’t just draft a guard. Draft centers who can play guard and guards that can play center.

Drafting a franchise left tackle improves three positions: LT, LG & QB.  Drafting a franchise center improves, center, guards and confidence on the rest of the line as well as the offensive coordinator and QB.  I love drafting offensive linemen! 

 I love drafting offensive lineman, but you should be able to find a RG standing in the check-out line at Walmart.  If he doesn’t play center or left guard, let the other teams draft him.

Pass rushing is not a specialty.  It should be included in the evaluation of the DE or LB position in their totality. 

 Tackling, or lack thereof, is a priority and the first skill I look for when evaluating all defensive positions.  A CB can cover like a blanket, but if he doesn’t want to tackle, he is worthless. 

Insisting your team has to draft a certain player or the whole draft is a failure is a trap.  The 2-board system shows you the talent in every round.  No need to panic.

Every round must be looked at like it is as important as the first round.  The goal must be to draft talent and value in every round.   No more Mr. Irrelevant.  It’s an insult to the player selected.    

Bad teams in top ten should trade down whenever possible for more picks in the “present” draft and not for future picks.  Future picks are for future GM’s and coaches. 

Never trade out of the top ten when you need a QB. 
Sell the farm (mother, wife included) to move up in a draft if you think a QB is a franchise QB and your teams needs one.   Just ask for visitation rights for mom and a conjugal visit for the wife!

Drafting BPA is nice to say, but don’t believe it; pretty much everyone is drafting for needs. 

If a Head Coach blows a top ten selection because of character issues, you can bet he will be fired in about three years — sometimes sooner.        

Don’t believe the crap that this is a passing league.  There are maybe five franchise QB’s in the league.  The rest need the threat of a good RB to be effective.   

WR’s and RB’s can be found in any round in the draft, but there are exceptions to every rule. 

LB’s do not have to run 4.30 40-yd dashes.  They just have to be smart enough to know how not to get beat by an opponent who can run
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