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    Training Camp Updates

    Strahan vs Wynn

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    Strahan vs Wynn

    Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:53 am

    No No... This isn't about who the better player is because we already know that answer. What I find a little amusing however is that the Giants brought in another veteren DE/DT that will be 34 years of age when football season starts. Except this player won't have the option to miss the summer heat up in Albany at training camp.

    Will adding an older vet like Wynn change the thought of Strahans decision to join his team mates? In other words "If Wynn can do it then so can I." Likely not. In fact, it probably won't even enter big Mikes head. However, I bet the coaching staff takes notice and Jerry Reese takes notice, and it could give the giants front office more leverage to not give in to what Strahan wants.

    Strahan would like a pay salary that doubles what he has already agreed to. This would take him from making 4 million a year to 8 million a year. That's some demand for a player that can't even show up to practice.

    And for those who think that being absent from training in NY doesn't effect Mikes play. I encourage you to go back and re-watch the first two games of the year. Strahan looked winded at times and made very little impact in either game. Oh.. and just in case one can't remember... the Giants also got there butts handed to them by a total of 80 combined points.

    Oh yeah, but who cares, we still won the Superbowl. Eh... we barely made the play-offs. And as Eli Manning says "We happened to get hot at the right time"

    So I say to you Renaldo Wynn. "Go out and show that the ol' dogs can still hang with the young pups and where hard work and determination will get you. Go earn your spot on the roster along with some quality playing time this year."
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