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my take on the Giants' team philosphy

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my take on the Giants' team philosphy

Post  Big_Pete on Sun Jul 27, 2008 1:57 am

here is my take on the Giants' team philosphy

it is very much along the lines of what has been done by other successfull teams, eg Rugby Union

football is a team sport, while star players exisit, teams only suceed together.

I really like what Reese is doing, it is very much along the lines of what Robbie Deans has done with the Crusaders (NZ provincial team that totally dominated Super 14 competition for the last decade) and now Wallabies (Australian national team) in Rugby Union.

Get talented players, but have every spot open to competition. Whoever wins the competition is battle hardened, but there is an added bonus. The guys behind them are preparing and can earn playing time through performances on field.

It means that if a player is unavailable; through injury, holdout or leaves via free agency, then that provides an opportunity for the next guy to step up and show what they can do. Generally players who are performing well in practice behind our starters will get the job done when they are given an opportunity.

Injuries are part of football, it is a physical game; but this method mitigates them to some extant and it works

It isn't glamorous, becasue it focuses on alot of quality depth and competition rather than marquee star players (which the US media heavily covet) - but that is why often teams like the Giants, Indianapolis etc win over bigger spending teams like Washinton, Dallas, Oakland etc.

In many cases a good team is better than the sum of talent/ability all the individual players - this is what the Giants had last year and what won them the superbowl.
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