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A quick camp review

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A quick camp review

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:51 am

I was initially hoping to attend Fri and Sat practices but unfortunately work got in the way, so I was only able to see Saturdays morning and evening practices. Didn't pay as much time watching the defense

Spent most of the day watching the receivers and qb's. All players were rotated in and out quite frequently.

An injured David Carr was only able to watch from the sidelines.

Andre' Woodson
He looks like he'll be a project as we all expected anyhow. He has a decent arm and the slow release in his throwing style is overblown in my opinion. Yes his release was slower than Wright's and Mannings but not as much as I was led to believe at draft time. Maybe his short time with coach Palmer has helped already.
Woodson did throw 2 picks to the defense in the afternoon practice however. It was kind of disapointing because he was having a nice practice until then.

Anthony Wright
Looked good in the morning. He takes good command and threw some nice passes throughout the day. Looked much better than Woodson. At this point he'd be a clear back-up to Eli. No surprise there.
Threw an int in the afternoon.

Sharp as a tack in the morning.
Most of his throws were on the mark. If they werent completely accurate then the ball was thrown in a spot where only the receiver had a chance or no one was going to get it.
Unfortunately threw a couple picks in the afternoon.
However, He looks like a natural leader among his team mates on the field.

ReceiversThe bad:
Sinorice led this list imo. Dropping easy ones in the morning. Had a few chances to make himself stand out but failed to. He ran some plays going downfield but he just doesn't seem to have the ability to react to the ball in the air.
In the afternoon he finally caught one over the middle in the endzone but it didn't justify enough praise from the rest of the day he had.

Plax sidelined again.

Toomer was his regular reliable self.

Steve Smith looks just as good as the end of last season. Not one of the fastest receivers we have but makes nice double moves to get open. Good hands.

Look for Brandon London to make a roster spot this year. He stood out all day. Made a nice catch on the ground for his big bodied frame. Caught nearly everything thrown to him. Also, put in some extra work after morning practice.

Domenique Hixon is also making a case for himself at receiver. He's much taller than I expected. He caught everything and ran some nice routes. Much better player than I thought he'd be.

Jennings made the play of the day. A bad pass behind him (not sure of qb) was broken up and Jennings juggled the ball about 5 times without taking his eye off it, caught it and headed up field. I'll be ticked if he doesn't make the roster over Moss this year. There similar players in height but Jennings has been better at every camp I've been at between the two.

Craphonso Thorpe did little to make himself standout. Not saying he had a bad practice, just didn't see a difference maker there.

The rooks
Manningham and Hall were both impressive. Manningham has good speed, much better than his 40 time would indicate. Neither players looked like rookies. Both players caught everything that I looked upon and should help make this team better a better ball club.

Tight Ends

Starting with Boss. He looked good out there. He knows how to use his size well and how to work the middle. He won't replace Shockeys fire and passion this year but we'll still get some quality production out of him.

Mathews impressed me. I think he even got bulkier since last season. He showed very good hands and can really move for the big blocking type.

Darcy Johnson caught a few. I kept waiting to see something big from him since I kept hearing good reviews from last summers camp. Boss and Mathews played the better part yesterday though.

The Runningbacks

Jacobs has some speed to him this year. I think his beaten up leggs must have slowed him down at the end of last year. He had enough speed to get around the edge on some plays and he had some nifty foootwork while making his way through the middle.

Bradshaw runs in practice just like he runs in a game. This kid has some very quick feet and if it was full contact, I gurantee he would have broke off some long runs up the middle.

Ward was there but I didn't see him get any plays in.

Droughns, eh... he might have trouble beating out Ware. Danny Ware wasn't that much more impressive but he did appear to be quicker.

Kay-Jay Harris. He's a big back and got the ball alot but he's not as quick as I thought he was suppose to be.

Didn't see much of Hedgecock at all other than his presense of being there.

Robert Douglas had a nice day. He's a good receiver out of the backfield and has some speed once he's on the move. He got a few hand-offs and looked good.
Didn't pay enough attention from a blocking point of view to make a comment.

A few other notes:
Tollefson had a nice deflected pass on Eli who I think threw it.

Terrel Thomas looked good. He doesn't seem to move as fluently for a DB but he was in position on every play that came his way.
He intercepted a pass also.

Sammy Knight intercepted one over the middle from Woodson I think.

Tyree was watching with Plax. He was on the sidelines so I assume his injury is healing up.

Own Highlights for the day
my kids got autographed footballs from Justin Tuck and Shaun O'Hara right after a sirius radio show interview with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan.
A couple hi-5s from Kehl and Michael Johnson.
56 Crazed Dogs
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

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Re: A quick camp review

Post  NYG Hampton 27 on Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:16 pm

Nice review.

I'd like to see the rookie WR Hall make the team, I got this feeling that he could be a real good player. Moss on the other hand I think is a lost cause, I don't want to give up on him, but with all the competition in camp now, why waste any more time with him.

And Matthews showed good hands??? Didn't he have like 2 catches and 9 drops last year. [exaggerated]

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Re: A quick camp review

Post  Big_Pete on Thu Aug 07, 2008 12:00 am

Great analysis, I really wish I could be there

very interesting to hear about Matthews, if he has improved as a reciever the battle with Johnson for #2 TE will be very tight; interestingly we could easily have three 6'5", 270lb TEs who are solid blockers and decent recievers

I am not surprised about London, he is someone I really liked last year when we picked him up and knew he would take time.

interestingly I could see the Giants going with 7 WRs this year (using the extra spot from the LS)

Toomer, Burress and Smith are locks

you would have to imagine the front office will give Manningham a chance to develop

If Tyree starts the season on the PUP list (as I expect), then Moss, Hixon, London and Hall are competing for 2-3 roster spots - all have legitimate talent. If Tyree is healthy it is even more complicated.

we only have 5 WRs healthy for the detroit game, I am looking forward to seeing what our youngsters do in an actual game situation. It will be a good opportunity for all of them.
Giants Legend
Giants Legend

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Re: A quick camp review

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