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my thoughts on the Giants offseason

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my thoughts on the Giants offseason

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:06 am

It is just after the regular season. I thought I would post my thoughts on the what the Giants offseason next year might look like. Here are my current thoughts (2nd Jan) on how the next offseason might shape up for the 2009 Giants.

Free Agents

QB David Carr UFA
QB Anthony Wright UFA
RB Brandon Jacobs UFA
RB Derrick Ward UFA
RB Danny Ware EFA
RB Kay Jay Harris RFA
WR Amani Toomer
OL Grey Ruegamer UFA
OL Shane Olivea UFA
DE Jerome McDougle UFA
DE Renaldo Wynn UFA
DE Dave Tollefsen EFA
CB Kevin Dockery RFA
CB RW McQuarters UFA
SS James Butler UFA
S Craig Dahl EFA

The Giants will have a little more cap room next off-season. I expect their priorites will be to extend the contracts of Eli Manning, Barry Cofield and perhaps Guy Whimper all of whom will be off contract after 2009.

Whilst Burress is a genuine talent, I believe things have a gone beyond the point of no return. I think Burress will be traded or released. Burress’s contract is reportedly structured so that it will have little impact on the Giants salary cap. I also doubt that Amani Toomer will be brought back (he doesn't add much over the other guys we have and will cost a bit more cap wise).

I expect that all the EFAs will be back. Kay Jay Harris will also likely be back

I would like to think Feagles will be back, but honestly I am not so sure.

Rugamer and/or Olivea have a good chance to return if the price is right. In the secondary I expect that Madison, Butler, McQuarters and probably Dockery will not be back

Renaldo Wynn will likely be brought back for a reasonable contract, but I don't think McDougle will. The writing is on the wall for Gerris Wilkinson, he has talent, but hasn't been able to stay heathy, I think he gets released/traded.

David Carr will likely be resigned as Eli’s primary backup.

I think in the end either Jacobs or Ward will be resigned, the other will leave in free agency (although they will try to keep both if possible).

As far as free agent signings go, I don't expect any major signings, if we do it will likely be a DT such as Rocky Bernard, Jovan Haye or Shaun Cody or a DE/DT such as Chris Canty or Igor Olshanksy. If I had to make I guess, I would go with Igor Olshansky as the most likely option.

I do think we may pick up a RB for depth, if we do, my money is on J.J Arrington (Cardinals); another option may be a solid TE to compete with our current guys, perhaps Leonard Pope?

Compensationary picks.

The NFL will announce up to 32 compensation picks for rounds 3-7; I have assumed an even spread with the max number of picks: 6 picks at the end of the 3rd,4th and 5th rounds and 7 picks in the 6th and 7th rounds.

I am assuming the Giants will get 3rd round (Gibril Wilson), 5th round (Kawika Mitchell) and 6th (Reggie Torbor) picks


The Giants will go into the draft without any major needs and will have the luxury of picking the best player on their board.

-- 1st Round --
31 WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina, 6-1, 210, 4.55

A productive junior WR in the mold of Hines Ward. Nicks is the physical style of WR that will make the tough catches in traffic, break tackles and fight for every yard.

2008: 13 GP, 68 Rec, 1,222 yds, 18.0 ave, 12 TD

Nicks is available here due to the exceptional talent at WR

-- 2nd Round --

45 (from Saints) LB Brandon Spikes, Florida, 6-3, 245, 4.70

The Giants want big fast LBs, preferably who can cover (which our current LBs lack). Spikes is an aggressive, dominating, nasty (but disciplined), downhill LB with solid coverage skills. Spikes can play any of our LB positions but probably will start out competing at WLB

2008: 12 GP, 87 tkl (48 solo, 39 ast), 8.0 TFL (29 yds), 2 sacks (13 yds), 4 Int (93 yds, 2 TD), 2 PBU

Spikes is available here due to the exceptional depth and quality at LB and DE

63 S Patrick Chung, Oregon, 6-0, 210, 4.55

Chung is a good tackling SS and a a big hitter that can cover a lot of ground quickly with decent coverage skills. He has played Rover, but has also lined up at S, CB, and even LB. Chung will develop/compete at SS and substantially improve our depth at safety.

2008: 12 GP, 82 tkl (52 solo, 30 assist), 6.5 TFL (34 yds), 2.0 sacks (18 yds), 1 int (31 yds), 6 PBU, 1 QBH, 1 FR (3 yds), 1 FF

Chung is only available due to the incredible depth at safety and the fact that he isn't a ballhawk.

-- 3rd Round --

95: LB Eric Norwood, South Carolina, 6-1, 255, 4.70

Norwood is a powerful player who gets into the backfield and causes mayhem. He is the ideal style of player to develop/compete at SLB

2008: 13 GP, 75 tackles (49 solo, 26 assists), 14.5 TFL (74 yards), 9.0 sacks (63 yards), 1 PBU, 9 QBH, 2 FR (28 yds), 1 FF

Norwood slips due the substantial depth at OLB and DE and not having blazing speed.

102 (comp Gibril Wilson): S Captain Munnerlyn, South Carolina, 5-9, 185, 4.40

Munnerlyn is undersized and hasn't racked up the interceptions this year, but he does have genuine speed and will help us match up against smaller quicker recievers. With Madison, McQuarters and possibly Dockery gone, extra CB depth is needed. Munnerlyn is a good complement for Ross, Webster and Thomas

2008: 13 GP, 44 tackles (29 solo, 15 assists, 3.0 TFL (19 yds), 2.0 sacks (14 yds) 5 PBU, 2 FR (38 yds), 1 FF

Munnerlyn slips due to the exceptional depth at both CB and S, plus his size and lack of interceptions.

-- 4th Round --

134 S Courtney Greene, Rutgers, 6-2, 210, 4.50

Greene is a hard hitting tackling machine with good range and solid coverage skills. Greene has experience with both safety positions. With the departure of McQuarters and Butler, Greene adds quality young depth and excellent special teams play.

12 GP, 83 tackles (43 solo, 40 assist), 1.5 TFL (10 yds), 1.0 sack (9 yards), 1 int (14 yds), 2 PBU, 2 QBH, 1 FF

Greene slips due to the exceptional depth of the safety class and the fact he isn't a ballhawk (unlike the other safeties).

-- 5th Round --

153 (from Saints): LB Nic Harris, Oklahoma, 6-3, 230, 4.65

Harris is a very good in the box safety with top intangibles, but doesn't have the speed to play safety in the pros; he will have to shift to OLB (much like Thomas Davis). Harris adds another good young OLB to improve depth and special teams. He will likely have to compete for a roster spot.

13 GP, 64 tackles (41 solo, 23 assist), 3.0 TFL (19 yds), 6 PBU, 1 FR (9 yds), 3 FF

Harris is available here purely due to the depth and talent at both safety, LB and DE

172: CB Joe Burnett, Central Florida, 5-11, 185, 4.55

Burnett is a solid corner and very experienced return man. Burnett increases our CB depth and significantly enhances our special teams. Burnett adds plenty of experience and a genuine weapon as a return man.

2008: 12 GP, 44 tackles (30 solo, 14 assist), 4.5 TFL (10 yards), 4 Int (103 yds, 11 PBU, 1 QBH, 0 FR (60 yards), 1 Blk Kick
26 KR, 745 yards, 28.7 ave, 2 TD, 91 long
26 PR, 378 yds, 14.5 ave, 0 TD, 36 long

178 (comp Kawika Mitchell): K/P Graham Gano, Florida State, 6-1, 192, 5.00

Former punter and kickoff specialist during his first few years with the Seminoles, Graham Gano has had a great 2008. In addition to his former duties, he has made 21 out of 23 FG attempts with his only misses coming from beyond 50 yards. Bobby Bowden has called him “possibly the team's MVP”.

With Carney and Feagles close to the end of their careers and Tynes unable to get back to full health, it makes sense to bring in Gano to develop behind /compete the older guys. Gano adds genuine booming leg strength the other guys lack; he would immediately take over the kick off duties (which will substantially improve our kickoff coverage). Gano also gives us options if longer punts or field goals are needed.

If Feagles and Carney retire (as I expect), Gano could be our sole punter and kicker if he can show enough consistency with FG in training camp/preseason.

Kicks: FG, 24-26, XP 33-34
Punts: 22 Punts, 939 yards, 42.7 average, 58 long, 0 TB, 7 FC, 8 I20, 4 50+, 0 BLkd

-- 6th Round --

210 DT Sammie Lee Hill, Stillman, 6-4, 328, 5.20

Hill is a dominant small school DT with proven ability to get into the back field. Stillman will take some time to adjust to the NFL, but he provides valuable DT depth and will help bolster our run and goal-line defense.

2008: 11 GP, 59 tkl (32 solo, 27 assist), 15.5 TFL (81 yds), 7.5 sack (33 yds), 7 PBU, 8 QBH, 3 FR (0 yds), 1 FF

217 (comp Reggie Torbor) TE Davon Drew, East Carolina, 6-4, 260, 4.80

A athletic small school TE prosect with good receiving skills.

2008: 13 GP, 38 Rec, 575 yards, 15.1 ave, 3 TD, 39 long, 44.2 yds/game

-- 7th Round --

249 FB Jorvorskie Lane, Texas A&M, 6-0, 285, 4.75

Lane is a powerful FB with surprising athleticism who can really move the pile and has solid hands. He rode the bench alot because he didn't fit their scheme. Lane will need to get into better shape, losing weight and adding muscle, but he has plenty of potential. With the likely departure of Jacobs or Ward, Lane gives us another powerful RB to develop behind Jacobs/Ward, Bradshaw and Ward.

2005-2007: 36 GP, 454 carries, 2,100 yds, 4.6 ave, 44 TDs

Note I have assumed the full 32 compensation draft picks (6 in rounds 3-5, 7 in round 6-7)

* * Possible Roster * *


QB (3): Eli Manning, David Carr, Andre Woodson

RB (4): Brandon Jacobs/Derrick Ward, Ahmad Bradshaw, J.J. Arrington, Danny Ware/Javorskie Lane/Kay Jay Harris

FB (1): Madison Hedgecock

WR (6): Hakeem Nicks, Domenik Hixon, Steve Smith, Sinorice Moss, Mario Manningham, David Tyree/Derek Hagan

TE (3): Kevin Boss, Darcy Johnson, Michael Matthews/Davon Drew

OT (3): Kareem McKenzie, David Diehl, Guy Whimper

OG (4): Chris Snee, Rich Seubert, Kevin Boothe, Adam Koets/Shane Olivea

OC (2): Shaun O’Hara, Grey Ruegamer


DE (4): Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Matthias Kiwanuka, Robert Douglas/Dave Tollefsen/Renaldo Wynn

DT (4): Fred Robbins, Barry Cofield, Igor Olshansky, Jay Alford/Sam Lee Hill

SLB (3): Brian Kehl, Eric Norwood, Zak DeOssie

MLB (3): Antonio Pierce, Chase Blackburn, Jonathan Goff

WLB (2): Brandon Spikes, Nic Harris

CB (5): Corey Webster, Aaron Ross, Terrell Thomas, Captain Munnerlyn, Joe Burnett

SS (3): Michael Johnson, Pat Chung, Sammy Knight/Craig Dahl

FS (2): Kenny Phillips, Courtney Greene

Special Teams (1)

K: Graham Gano

P: Graham Gano

L/S: Jay Alford, Zak DeOssie

note: I included an extra LB with DeOssie making the roster largely due to special teams play; with the infusion of quality talent along with Kehl and Goff, I can only see one roster spot available for Clark, Blackburn or Wilkinson (unless issues develop with Pierce)

Last edited by Big_Pete on Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:01 am; edited 18 times in total
Giants Legend
Giants Legend

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Re: my thoughts on the Giants offseason

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:11 am

I think this kind of roster would build on the current strengths of the team.

There will be a much improved LB corps, our WRs will be significantly bolstered

Depth is improved, particularly in the secondary. With talented backups at almost every position

more importantly our special teams, particularly our kick coverage unit will be substantially better.

I didn't see the need to upgrade our DEs; we do need better pass rush, but Osi's return will significantly enhance our DE rotation; plus Kiwanuka will likely continue to improve with more reps.
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Giants Legend

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Re: my thoughts on the Giants offseason

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:11 am

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of signing Olshansky as a FA

He has experience in a 4-3 and has exceptional strength, plus he has a fair amount of starting experience.

Being in the Giants would give him more opportunity to make plays rather than largely occupy blockers like he currently does at San Diego.

He shouldn't be that expensive, perhaps around 5 years $25 million with 12 million of that guaranteed. He is also quite young, turning 27 next may.

I think a rotation of Robbins, Cofield, Olshansky and Alford would be particularly nasty inside and make it alot harder to double team our DEs.

Perhaps Olshansky could be a similar style of DT that we had in Keith Hamilton.
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Re: my thoughts on the Giants offseason

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