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The demise of a Giant season

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The demise of a Giant season

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Mon Jan 12, 2009 10:06 am

The Giants season abruptly ended in 2009 to one big loss against Philly. It was ugly for sure but the Giants had many chances to make for a different outcome.

I make no excuses for the Giants and there collapse during December and January, they deserved it, but I'll post three thoughts on what I think would have made a bigger difference with this years team.

Let's go back to last years free agency.
The loss of Kawika Mitchell was bigger than I think our front office thought it would be. Maybe the Giants had bigger hopes for Wilkinson to fill his shoes but if so then that quickly proved to be untrue when Gerris went down. We also found out that Blackburn was only what we thought he would be, an average back-up.

The loss of Osi Umenyiora
Since we all knew that it was likely for Strahan to retire then this is probably the biggest loss that was hardest to overcome.
It forced the Giants to play more of a traditional front four line with there DEs and DTs. Although the Giants still tried to throw in their four aces package from time to time, it had less success without the available talent they were able to bring in off the bench.

Plaxico Burress
It would be foolish now not to believe the added dimension this idiot brings to this team. Defenses played our team differently when Plax wasn't in the line-up. Safties move up closer, Cornerbacks play one on one, and our running game takes a hit from it.
56 Crazed Dogs
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Re: The demise of a Giant season

Post  Big_Pete on Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:03 pm

I think this was a game we let slip through our fingers. We had enough chances to win the game.

A big problem to me is that our offense, particularly our passing game has been sputtering all year. I think it has been a combination of the play calling and lack there of the execution.

I can't help thinking that if our passing game was firing on all cylinders, we would have a very dominant offense; I think it started to get close a couple of times during the season, but otherwise has been misfiring.

The loss of Osi and Plax hurt to be sure, but in the past the team has been able to adjust to get the job done.

Inuries have been a problem, not just those on IR, but the week to week ones. Losing the players we have, our depth guys (whilst very keen/determined/skilled) were just not up to the job.

The biggest issue is Manning. Some QBs can make great things happen in the passing game with a solid recieving corp (like Tom Brady pre 2007), Eli is not that guy. We have faced alot of teams loading up against the run when they play us, we should be able to expolit that in the passing game, but we have rarely been able to do that (even with Plax/Shockey). We need exceptional recievers the kind

I cannot understand the lack of intensity late in games, particularly with what should be a hurry up offense.

I don't buy that Plax was a huge issue. We have had our chances. There have been a few times where our WRs should have made plays (part of the learning curve) and more where Manning should have made plays.

We do lack speed an athelticism at OLB. Blackburn and Clark are adequate backups at best and Wilkinson cannot stay healthy. Also with a potential replacement for Pierce our LB crew need a serious overhaul.

But one critical thing we must do is to stick with Coughlin's team focussed approach it has worked well so far.
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