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Giants WR options.....

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Giants WR options.....

Post  Big_Pete on Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:57 pm

The Giants need a genuine #1 WR as most people will agree

Reese isn't going to rely on whether Burress is back or not and a rookie WR however talented is unlikely to impact right away.

I think the front office will try and resolve the WR situation well in the early free agency/trade period. well before the draft (and Plaxico's court date) if at all possible.

The Giants do have a good amount of salary cap room and we have alot of picks (9 plus likelu compensation picks for Wilson, Mitchell and maybe Torbor). We also do not have a large number of needs.

The way I see it there are only a couple of genuine options:

1. Sign TJ Houshmandzadeh as a free agent, although at 32, is he worth investing huge cash for essentially a possession receiver?


2. Trade for Torry Holt, although not quite the player he used to be, he is still a quality playmaker; the Rams are obviously in rebuilding mode. At 33 Holt would be a short term solution at best.

3. Trade for Calvin Johnson; Johnson has all the physical tools/talent, but hasn't brought it all together. The lions have alot of needs and are rebuilding so could be interested in additional picks. Johnson is young 24 and under contract until 2012.

4. Trade for Anquan Boldin; at top player who wants (and deserves) top money, the problem is that the Cardinals probably can not afford to play that kind of money to two recievers. At 29 Boldin has plenty of tread left on the tyres

5. Trade for Braylon Edwards; Edwards regressed a bit in 2009, but there is no doubt he has top talent. He off contract after 2009 and the Browns may not want to pay him top money. With a new coaching structure, Mangini may well want extra picks/players to rebuild the roster. At 26 there is plenty of time/value in Edwards.

Options 3-5 would not be cheap. I could easily cost our first round pick and our first 2nd round pick. Or we could include a player as part of the deal, for example Matthias Kiwanuka.

We would still have plenty of picks and/or money to address other needs in the draft and possibly a free agent or two.

If we did get a genuine #1 WR, that would put pressure on Plax to majorly change his attitude into line with what the team requires.

Of all the options perhaps trading for Edwards is the most likely, although it certainly won't be cheap. Perhaps we could package our first round pick with Matthias Kiwanuka, a mid round pick or conditional 2010 pick based on Edwards performance; the Browns need pass rushers badly and Kiwanuka has proven effective at both LB and DE.
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Re: Giants WR options.....

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:31 am

Nobody on the wr FA list really wows me. Well ok.. Boldin would be nice but I doubt we could aford him this season.

We already lead the league in drops so the last thing the Giants need is another receiver that can't catch and so that leaves Edwards out.

TJ would make a nice second receiver but that means we would have to keep Plax around. Can we afford both?

In the end, I think if Plax isn't in jail the best option for winning games is to keep Plax around.
There's three teams right now that could use a Plax on there team and all three are in the nfc east. Does anyone really want to face that 6 times a year?
56 Crazed Dogs
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