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    Hixon better than plax

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    Hixon better than plax

    Post  Big_Pete on Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:57 am


    40 Days to the Draft: NFC East holes

    If Domenik Hixon had caught that bomb from Eli Manning against the Eagles in Week 14, chances are that this discussion wouldn't be happening.

    Hixon dropped the pass, though, that came to signify the struggles of the Giants' offense without mercurial wideout Plaxico Burress in the lineup. With the threat of Burress going over or past defensive backs nullified, teams were able to disguise their coverage, push a safety into the box, and stifle the Giants offensively.

    Hixon vs. Burress

    The Giants were actually better with Domenik Hixon replacing Plaxico Burress.

    Player, DVOA, Catch Rate, Yards In Air, YAC
    Domenik Hixon (overall), 11.5%, 59%, 13.9, 3.3
    Domenik Hixon (w/o Burress), 6.5%, 55%, 14.4, 3.0
    Plaxico Burress, 4.9%, 53%, 13.0, 1.9

    The only problem? The Giants were actually better with Hixon as the primary "X" receiver than they were with Burress. Hixon's statistics are more impressive than Burress', both over the season as a whole and in the games where he was specifically in Burress' role (Week 5 and then Weeks 12 through 17).

    New York's offense was also better with Hixon as the primary receiver than it was with Burress; in the weeks where Hixon was in charge, the team had a pass DVOA of 8.9 percent and a run DVOA of 20.2 percent; with Burress as the "X" receiver, those figures were 3.4 percent and 20.0 percent, respectively. (Football Outsiders' advanced DVOA stats are explained here.)

    The Giants are unlikely to commit another draft pick to the receiver spot after spending picks on Sinorice Moss, Steve Smith and Mario Manningham in recent years. They could choose to package several of their early picks in a deal for Anquan Boldin, but as the 2008 season showed, Hixon's got the talent to be the Giants' "X" if they give him the opportunity.
    Giants Legend
    Giants Legend

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    Re: Hixon better than plax

    Post  Big_Pete on Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:04 am

    I am not sure I buy this, it seems a little constructed to me

    it doesn't show the performace of the rest of the passing game with and without Burress

    I think it shows that Hixon is an excellent #2 WR who could develop further

    with that said, I believe the front office would be reasonably happy going into the season with the WR group we have at present.

    Ideally they would like a #1 talent (and will try to make it happen) but they aren't going to reach or break the bank to make it happen; the bottom line is we have excellent talent and depth at WR so anyone we bring in must be a signifacant upgrade in in talent over the guys we currently have in order to justify the cost to bring them in; unless we trade for a #1 WR or draft one of 5 WRs in the draft (all of whom could be gone before 29) then it isn't going to happen.
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