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Email to Drew Boylhart (THR) regarding Connor Bawin

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Email to Drew Boylhart (THR) regarding Connor Bawin

Post  Big_Pete on Tue Mar 24, 2009 7:16 am

Here is my email to thehuddlereport's Drew Boylhart regarding Connor Barwin and the Giants (23rd MArch)

maybe you might find this interesting....

Drew's Response

I think that Connor was not great at catching the ball down the field. If I remember correctly... he did fine with the short passes and blocing was no problem but struggled catching the ball deep. If I'm correct you would be wasting his talent and speed at the TE position IMO.

SLB or WLB or DE in a 4/3 would be a perfect fit.

As a MLB I think he would be weak against runs right at him and take too much of a pounding. Connor can lead from the SLB position. Your leader does not have to be a MLB.

Drew Boylhart
The Huddle

My Original Email

Hi Drew

I have a question about Connor Barwin, do you think he could play TE in the NFL?

It looks like this is something the Giants are seriously considering, they sent their TE coach Mike Pope to his pro day.

Personally I had been thinking of Barwin as an ideal fit at SLB in their 4-3, but there seems enough merit in him playing TE to give me pause.

He has the physical tools, and definately has the work ethic, plus he is a very team focused guy. Barwin is exactly the type of guy the Giants like.

He will be raw and need time to develop, but the same can be said of any position he plays; and the Giants have shown they are happy to draft based on physical tools rather than perceived draft value.

Could he be everything the Giants liked Shockey, but with a coughlin style attitude, work ethic and team focus?

On a different tangent, could Barwin play MLB for the Giants if they are looking for someone to develop as Pierce's successor inside?

kind regards

Giants Legend
Giants Legend

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