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My day 2 draft thoughts

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My day 2 draft thoughts

Post  Big_Pete on Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:28 am

Here are some day 2 draft thoughts

- firstly I really like the Barden, Beckum and Brown picks

the other three, I must admit I have scratching my head a fair bit.

At that point our needs were pretty clearly CB and S depth, perhaps OC or K

I don't understand how we can pick a QB when we could have picked
CB Victor Harris, Joe Burnett, Brandon Underwoond or Coye Francies or S Chris Clemons; even a versatile guy like James Casey is a better option.

in the 6th round, better CB prospects were available like Mike Mickens

in the 7th round we could have had a solid, physical s with good speed in Courtney Greene, yet went for an unknown small school guy

unless we trade Carr, then Woodson or Bomar are headed to the practice squad and the Giants do like Woodson.

I know the Giants have much better resources than I amateurs, but I have to wonder if the guys we brought in are good value. I really hope my gut feeling on these guys is wrong
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