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Rookie Minicamp roster

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Rookie Minicamp roster

Post  Big_Pete on Fri May 08, 2009 7:09 pm

here are the guys at the giants minicamo


Giants Rookie Mini Camp Roster

I just arrived at the stadium and wanted to quickly fire off a list of players who are scheduled to attend today. (This list provided by the team, by the way.)

POS Player Exp College

WR Bodiford, Shaun 4 Portland State
K Rossman, Brooks R Kansas State
LB Akins, Kevin R Virginia
CB Anderson, Vince 1 Kentucky
WR Barden, Ramses 1 Midwestern State

T Beatty, Wiliam R Sam Houston State
TE Beckum, Travis R Towson
G Bedics, John 2 Oregon State
QB Bomar, Rhett R Cal Poly
TE Boyd, Cody 1 Eastern Illinois

WR Breaux, Tommy R North Carolina
RB Brown, Andre R NC State
WR Covington, Maurice R North Carolina
DT Cuttino, Jaliem R New Mexico
DT Davis, Dan R Louisiana-Monroe

C Derenthal, Alex R South Carolina
DE Evans, Maurice R Central Florida
DL Field, Alex 1 Oklahoma
C Gaddis, Christian R Mississippi State
G Galassi, Mike 1 Wake Forest

S Gattis, Josh 2 South Florida
S Goddard, Trimane R Miami (FL)
RB Hall, Andre 1 Washington State
DT Harry. Frank R Florida State
DT Hendricks, Dwayne R Webber International

DE Hill, Tommie 1 Delaware State
LB Ingram, Kenny R Boston College
CB Johnson, Bruce R Wisconsin
OL Louis, Cliff R Lafayette
G Lovell, Lawrence 7 Oregon

LB Mainor, Kenny R Syracuse
T Miller, Jesse R Troy
T Nguti, Raphael 1 Walsh
WR Nicks, Hakeem R Temple
RB Patrick, Allen R NC State

P Paulescu, Sam 1 Villanova
LS Peck, Dave R So. Connecticut State
S Pegues, Derek R Boston College
WR Polk, Daniel R Florida Atlantic
TE Postell, Jeff R Colorado State

G Ramsey, Clif R Connecticut
S Rashad, Sha'reff R Southern
LB Romans, Andy 1 Morgan State
WR Rucker, Micah R Miami (FL)
LB Sintim, Clint R Virginia

LB Smith, Kelvin R Stoney Brook
DE St. Clair, Robert R Albany
S Thompson, Josh R Penn State
QB Woodson, Andre' R Michigan State
CB Woodson, Stoney 1 Connecticut

TE Wrighster, George R Wisconsin
CB Wright, DeAndre R Virginia
Giants Legend
Giants Legend

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Re: Rookie Minicamp roster

Post  Big_Pete on Fri May 08, 2009 7:30 pm


Rookie Free Agents Signed: Following up on our “News and Notes” update of April 28th, according to the NFLPA, the Giants have signed the following rookie free agents:

* DE Maurice Evans (Penn State) - 3-year contract
* DE Alex Field (Virginia) - 3-year contract
* DT Dwayne Hendricks (Miami) - 3-year contract
* LB/S Kenny Ingram (Florida State) - 3-year contract
* S Sha’reff Rashad (Central Florida) - 3-year contract
* CB Bruce Johnson (Miami) - 3-year contract

It is still believed that CB Vince Anderson (Webber International) has also signed with the Giants.
Giants Legend
Giants Legend

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Re: Rookie Minicamp roster

Post  Big_Pete on Sat May 09, 2009 9:49 am

a better breakdown


The NYG have signed the following 2009 draft eligible free agents:

Evans, Maurice DE Penn State

Anderson, Vince DB Weber International

Rashad, Sha’reff DB Central Florida

Johnson, Bruce DB Miami (FL)

Field, Alex DL Virginia

Hendricks, Dwayne DL Miami (FL)

Ingram, Kenny LB Florida State

The following non-roster players will be attending the NYG rookie mini-camp (tryouts):

Hall, Andre RB South Florida (’06)

Patrick, Allen RB Oklahoma (’08 )

Wrighster, George TE Oregon (’03)

Postell, Jeff TE Delaware State (’08 )

Boyd, Cody TE Washington State (’07)

Bodiford, Shaun WR Portland State (’06)

Polk, Daniel WR Midwestern State (’08 )

Covington, Maurice WR Virginia (’09)

Breaux, Tommy WR Towson State (’09)

Miller, Jesse OL Michigan State (’09)

Gaddis, Christian OL Villanova (’07)

Galassi, Mike OL Walsh (’08 )

Derenthal, Alex OL Temple (’09)

Lovell, Lawrence OL Stoney Brook (’09)

Nguti, Raphael OL SUNY – Albany (’09)

Bedics, John OL North Carolina State (’09)

Hill, Tommie DE Colorado State (’09)

St. Clair, Rob DE Florida International (’09)

Harry, Frank DT Southern (’09)

Cuttino, Juliem DL Southern Connecticut State (’09)

Davis, Dan DT Connecticut (’08 )

Mainor, Kenny LB Troy State (’09)

Smith, Kelvin LB Syracuse (’07)

Akins, Kevin LB Boston College (’09)

Romans, Andy LB Lafayette (’09)

Gattis, Josh DS Wake Forest (’07)

Thompson, Josh DS Louisiana-Monroe (’09)

Pegues, Derek DS Mississippi State (’09)

Goddard, Trimaine DS North Carolina (’09)

Rossum, Brooks K Kansas State (’09)

Peck, Dave LS Wisconsin (’09)

Paulescu, Sam P Oregon State (’06)

Current NYG roster players who will be participating in the NYG rookie mini-camp:

Louis, Cliff OL Morgan State

Rucker, Micah WR Eastern Illinois

Woodson, Andre QB Kentucky

NYG 2009 Draft Picks at the NYG rookie mini- camp:

Nicks, Hakeem WR North Carolina

Sintim, Clint LB Virginia

Beatty, William OL Connecticut

Barden, Ramses WR Cal Poly

Beckum, Travis TE Wisconsin

Brown, Andre RB North Carolina State

Bomar, Rhett QB Sam Houston State

Wright, DeAndre DB New Mexico

Woodson, Stoney DB South Carolina
Giants Legend
Giants Legend

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Re: Rookie Minicamp roster

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