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Espn's Matt Mosley - big on Giants

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Espn's Matt Mosley - big on Giants

Post  Big_Pete on Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:43 am

I was reading espn's latest NFC Beast chat (6/2) and noticed that Matt Mosley is very high on the Giants this year (unlike many NFL experts)

Have a read of the relevant sections and let me know what do you think


Jake (VA Beach): How much of a blow is a injury like Sintim's to not only him, but all rookies?

Matt Mosley: Jake, it's obviously a setback for the kid but I'm not sure how it affects "all rookies." The Giants wanted him to be in he mix on special teams and to be able to learn everything. you can't do that on the sideline. explain what you mean by "blow to all rookies."

Matt (VT): Much has been made about the steps Reese & Co. have taken to shore up the Giants' defensive line. What kind of progressions do you expect to see from the younger players in the secondary, especially Ross, Phillips and Thomas?

Matt Mosley: I think Phillips is poised to have a breakout season. I'm talking seven or eight INTs and a ton of plays. I have him going to the Pro Bowl. Ross and Thomas should be fine, but Phillips is my breakout guy.

Kevin (Albuquerque, NM): Love the blog! We know football games are won in the trenches, so can you rank the top beast offensive and defensive lines?

Matt Mosley: Thanks, Kev.


1. Giants
2. Eagles
3. Cowboys
4. Skins


1. Giants
2. Redskins
3. Eagles
4. Cowboys

Joe (CT): Curious how much of getting off the line can be taught. I ask because of Barden for the Giants. His big knock is getting off the line. Is this something that he can drastically improve over a couple years? He just seems like he could be a force if he learns that one thing. Thank you

Matt Mosley: Joe, there are some tricks to the trade. Michael Irvin was unbelievable at it. He was like a great boxer at the line of scrimmage. He would do a hand slap that would have guys bleeding from their forearms. It's one thing that T.O. doesn't do very well. Press coverage really bothers him. We'll see if Barden can learn to do it. It's a huge part of being a WR at this level. Watch the Panthers' steve smith at the line.

Marc ( City of Brotherly Love): You gotta be kidding. The NYG have a better offensive line than the Eagles? The Eagles have at least 2 Pro Bowlers on theirs? Think you a bit off on that one Matt.

Matt Mosley: I had a long answer and it disappeared on me. But here's the gist: Peters is coming off a down year, although I think he'll be excellent. Andrews essentially missed the entire '08 season. The Eagles aren't exactly high on Jackson at center. And let's not act like Stacy Andrews is the second coming of Munoz -- or insert your guard of choice (Allen for me)...The Giants have a formidable group. Snee's become one of the best guards in the game. Diehl's very reliable. I'll stick with the Giants

Ahmed (Queens, NY): Love your blog Matt! I still don't trust Eli late in the season. Do you think he is still maturing into the league? or is this the best we're seeing from him? Thanks.

Matt Mosley: I think he's still improving. I don't think the Giants were prepared for life without Plax -- especially Manning. Think about the bomb that Hixon dropped against the Eagles. Could that have been a different game if the Giants get a TD there? You bet it could've. it's alarming that he played those last four or five games without completing passes to his WRs for TDs, but now he'll have a full offseason with Smith, Hixon, Moss, Nicks, etc. I think he'll come back strong. Wouldn't surprise me if he had an MVP-type season.

Mike ( Philly): Now that you've had a few weeks to see the teams in OTAs and what not, what do you see the BEAST teams records looking like so far?

SportsNation Matt Mosley: Giants (13-3)
Eagles (11-5)
Cowboys (9-7)
Redskins (8-Cool

ACwithFT Tahoe, CA: I know it's early to project this, but right now, do you see Danny Ware or Andrew Brown taking the 3rd RB spot for the Giants? Do you see either of those guys giving Bradshaw serious competition for the number 2 job?

Matt Mosley: I could see Brown pushing for that No. 2 spot. Jerry Reese is in love with the kid. Ware has some ability, but the team doesn't seem to completely trust him. The same could be said for Bradshaw.

Pete (NYC): got your ratings on the o line/d line.. what about linebackers/secondary?

Matt Mosley: Secondary

1. Giants
2. Eagles
3. Cowboys
4. Redskins

Dave Scranton Pa: Rate the qbs. Top 4 qbs and then top 4 qb corps

Matt Mosley: QBs

1. Eli Manning
2. Donovan McNabb
3. Tony Romo
4. Jason Campbell

Dave (scranton pa): Best rookie performance in the beast this season?

Matt Mosley: Nicks

pat (jtown) [via mobile]: who will emerge as the gmens best wide reciever by the end of the season.

Matt Mosley: That would be steve smith.

Chris (Missouri): I just dont see Eli having that good of a year, especially when you look at the last 4 games of last year without plax, he didnt throw a touchdown pass. Not only that, they got rid of amani toomer and their number 1 - Steve Smith, and their number 2 a rookie, I just dont think he has the weapons, or really the skill to have a good season

Matt Mosley: I know it's early June, but we have to do better than 250 questions. Let's give it one more go next Tuesday before I head out on vacation. And stop hating on the Giants' receivers. Steve Smith and Hixon will get you off to a solid start -- and Nicks will emerge as a big-time playmaker midway through the season.
Giants Legend
Giants Legend

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Re: Espn's Matt Mosley - big on Giants

Post  Big_Pete on Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:54 am

Some bold predictions there

for example

the Giants have the best secondary in the NFC East - a big call

Eli: MVP type season - another big call

Kenny Phillips: probowl calibre season with 7 or 8 int? - another big call

I am not saying I disagree with him, but it is bold to say the least.

I do like the fact that he is giving the Giants credit they deserve and is willing to look past the Burress loss.
We have plenty of talent at WR probably the deepest talent in the NFL at that position. We have plenty of young guys with great upside and wide open competition.

You watch, by the end of training camp, alot more people will be on the Giants bandwagon (I don't mean Giants staff, writers or fans)
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Giants Legend

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