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Secondary Upgrade needed?

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Secondary Upgrade needed?

Post  Big_Pete on Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:27 am

I may be wrong, but I think the Giants ideally need 1 more decent DB

I know this may be unlikley, but wouldn't mind trading for a player

One option could be CB Dunta Robinson who has the franchise tag and wants a long term deal which the Texans have been hesitant with (although they value him enough to franchise) - possibly for a 2010 2nd round pick? and a new deal a bit more than Webster's? (good value for someone of his ability). Robinson is young (27) and has genuine speed which complements the guys we have. It also means we can keep our starters fresh.

My idea would be to move Terrell Thomas to safety (where I think he is better suited) and have Robinson, Webster and Ross share playing time at CB with Dockery, Wright and Woodson providing depth and sepcial teams

The Houston Texans franchised cornerback Dunta Robinson. Robinson has missed a few games over the last couple of years, but when he played, he was one of the best corners in the league.

The Texans weren't able to reach a deal before the franchise deadline and to avoid losing him, used the tag. Robinson was not happy about the use of the tag, but the Texans will try to sign him long term to ease tensions. If they are not able to sign him long term, he will cost $9.957 million this year.

It might make sense for the Texans to get value for him now, particularly as DeMeco Ryans also needs and extenstion. Robinson's situation could get ugly for the Texans if left to linger.
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