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My thoughts on the Giants as we head into the Saints game

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My thoughts on the Giants as we head into the Saints game

Post  Big_Pete on Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:15 pm

Here are my thoughts on the saints game.

The Giants are coming of a reasonably easy schedule, (although playing away in the west coast and two divisional games is alot harder than people realise).

Mind you the Saints have played Detroit, Philadelphia (who were aweful), Buffalo and NYJ. They have only really played one tough game, which they played at home.

Firstly the Giants have to step up as we come against our toughest opponent so far.

The Saints have a genuinely explosive offense, particularly through the air; but our defense is particuary good against the pass. This will be an interesting challenge for our defense, but think we are up to the task. Once again our pass rush will be key, but I think we will get alot of pressure on Brees.

New Orleans is doing well, but I think we are much more physical in the trenches on both sides of the ball. whilst their LBs and safeties are decent, their CBs seem to be guys we can exploit; other than KC, we have faced much better CBs in all of our games.

One key in my opinion will be our running game and our ball control offense.

We need to get Brandon Jacobs involved big-time - he doesn't seem to be quite firing on all cylinders at this stage.
New Orleans is solid up front, but isn't what I would call stout - Kendrick Clancy, Sedrick Ellis, Anthony Hargrove and Vilma are not the biggest guys and I think smash mouth football running down their throat will be a key factor, particularly with Jacobs/Hedgecock.
Bradshaw continues to impress and is starting to remind people of Tiki, at least with his running and blitz pickup.

I really like the way we spread the ball around in the air, pretty much anyone can get the job done. Eli Manning is having a mvp calibre season.
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