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2010 Offseason thought - 11 Feb

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2010 Offseason thought - 11 Feb

Post  Big_Pete on Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:24 am

here is my last offseason thoughts before the combine and free agency

The first thing to remember though is that the team should be a lot healthier this year. For example if guys like Ross, Canty, Tuck, Alford, Umenyiora, Phillips, Hedgecock, Jacobs, Bradshaw and Brown are 100% healthy and have a full offseason, we already have a substantial upgrade over the team that ended last year.
I expect Reese will continue his policy of filling needs in free agency and building the team through the draft.

The Giants are unlikely to rely on rookies to start as we upgrade positions, I think we will continue the habit of developing rookies behind veteran starters. This means we will need to bring in veterans to fill needs if the current guys are not viewed as the answer (we do have some decent young talent).

The most obvious needs at the moment seem to be at LB (where we will be likely replacing two starters) and Safety, we have good veteran talent at all other positions. However, without a new CBA in place, the options to upgrade positions in free agency is very limited; in fact the only Free Agent whom I think is a significant upgrade is Karlos Dansby, and he would not be cheap and be in demand. We could sign RFAs but they will likely require premium draft pick compensation, which I think is rather unlikely.

As far as fixing the running game, the biggest need is retooling our offensive line. With Jacobs, Bradshaw and Brown healthy, this is a quality unit.

Obviously the player most under the microscope is Osi and he will be under close scrutiny by the coaching staff. Are his comments the sign of a malcontent? or are they just a wild outburst from a very frustrated player? We should know either way real soon. I will assume for these thoughts that it is just stupid talk from a very frustrated and competitiv player.

One position that is reasonably uncertain and that is whether Jeff Feagles returns or finally decides to hang up the books. We probably won't know for a little while either way. It will be interesting to see how things unfold over the next month or so.

These are my current thoughts on the 2010 Giants

Positional Moves:

Beatty to LT, Diehl to LG

Sintim to RDE

1. Trade our 4th round pick to NYJ for SS Kerry Rhodes.
Our safety group need immediate help and Rhodes can immediately upgrade SS, allowing Phillips to roam at FS.

2. Trade our 2nd round pick (#53) to Houston for MLB DeMeco Ryans.
I think Ryans is an ideal fit at MLB for Fewell's systems and Bob McNair wants to build his tesam through the draft. This ensures we have quality veterans on defense who can step in right away.

Free Agency

Sign LB Karlos Dansby (Cardinals)
Overhauling the LBs will be the priority this offseason. The cardinals have said they aren't going to franchise him, making Dansby is the best option available (and probably the only legitimate free agency option) and a great fit at SLB. Although he won't be cheap.

Sign DT Dwan Edwards (Ravens)
With Robbins and Bernard gone, we need to upgrade our DT rotation Edwards gives us a starting calibre DT er to add to the rotation, and giving us a very stout defensive interior. With all the problems we have had at DT, we go for an experienced veteran to upgrade the interior.

Sign K Matt Stover (Colts)
Lawrence Tynes has been adequate at best, I think the Giants will look to upgrade.

Resign QB David Carr


With no clear pick at #15, Giants trade down with New England for #22, #53 so the Pats can draft Dez Bryant

1. OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma (6-5, 318, 5.30)
This may surprise some, but it is time to start re-tooling the offensive line big time plus the end is in sight for McKenzie and it is time to groom his replacement on the right side. Williams compares favourably to Jamaal Brown and is a good long term fit at RT; he could also slot in at LT if needed.
" Excellent all-around blocker who is capable of playing either side" - Scott Wright (draft countdown)

2. FS Chad Jones, LSU (6-3, 231, 4.45)
Jones is very raw, but he is a big fast safety to develop for the future
" Raw but an amazing athlete with a rare blend of size and speed"" - Scott Wright (draft countdown)

3. OG Jon Asamoah, Illinois (6-5, 315, 5.00)
A best player available pick. Age is catching up with O'Hara and Seubert and a stud interior lineman is too good to pass up. It could mean Snee or Asamoah could be the eventual replacement for O'Hara. the priority is to get more physical on the offensive line, that is the biggest problem. This also gives us insurance in case Beatty isn't ready to step in at LT.

5. TE Michael Hoomanawanui, Illinois (6-5, 270, 4.80)
Hoomanawanui is an athletic, dominant blocker who blocks like an extra lineman. This gives us the stud blocking TE to complement Boss and Beckum and plays huge dividends in the running game.

6. SS Barry Church Toledo (6-2, 219, 4.55)
Church is a tackliong machine good SS prospect and a quality special teamer.

7. P Zoltan Mesko, Michigan (6-5, 231, 4.75)
A stud punter with a booming leg and terrific hang-time

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Re: 2010 Offseason thought - 11 Feb

Post  Big_Pete on Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:26 am

This would mean the 2010 roster would look something like:


QB (3): Eli Manning, David Carr, Rhett Bhomar

WR (6): Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Ramsees Barden, Domenik Hixon, Derek Hagan

TE (3): Kevin Boss, Michael Hoomanawanui, Travis Beckum

RB (4): Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Andre Brown, Gatrell Johnson

FB (1): Madison Hedgecock

OT (3): Kareem McKenzie, William Beatty, Trent Williams

OG (4): Chris Snee, David Diehl, Jon Asamoah, Kevin Boothe/Adam Koets

OC (2): Shaun O'Hara, Rich Seubert


DE (4): Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Matthias Kiwanuka, Clint Sintim

DT (4): Chris Canty, Barry Cofield, Dwan Edwards, Jay Alford

SLB (3): Karlos Dansby, Brian Kehl, Zak DeOssie

MLB (2): DeMeco Ryans, Jonathan Goff

WLB (2): Michael Boley, Chase Blackburn/Gerris Wilkinson

CB (5): Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas, Aaron Ross, Bruce Johnson, Kevin Dockery

SS (3): Kerry Rhodes, Michael Johnson, Barry Church

FS (2): Kenny Phillips, Chad Jones

Special Teams

K (1): Matt Stover/Lawrence Tynes

P (1): Zoltan Mesko

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Re: 2010 Offseason thought - 11 Feb

Post  Big_Pete on Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:39 am

First and foremost, this would go along way to ensuring we win the battle of the trenches and get back to physical football.

This upgraded the key positions on defense, remembering we do have decent young talent and depth.

The one thing that surprises me is the incredible depth this roster would have at almost every position.

It also fits in with Reese's style - quality Vets to fill the huge holes on defence and use the draft to build for the future. It also ensures our Oline is retooled with quality talent developing behond the starters.

any thoughts
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Giants Legend

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Re: 2010 Offseason thought - 11 Feb

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:30 am

Like it for the most part.

I like your idea of Beatty at tackle and plugging in Diehl at left guard.
I doubt it happens though. Reese has repeatedly said in the past that Diehl is a tackle and will remain a tackle.

Ahh, and the old Giants draftee, Matt Stover. I don't see the Giants going after an aged vet like him.
If they were to go that way then they should have just re-signed John Carney who was light years better than Tynes imo.

The punting situation will be something to keep an eye on. I like the Sam Swank signing. I know he won't be our punter or probably even our kicker. But Swank will keep Feagles and Tynes head straight in camp. They literally had no competion at either position last year in camp.

I agree. When we get back some of these injured players, that alone is an immediate upgrade
56 Crazed Dogs
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

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Re: 2010 Offseason thought - 11 Feb

Post  Big_Pete on Thu Feb 11, 2010 6:53 pm

I can take or leave Stover to be honest. I do think the Giants want to upgrade over Tynes if possible. Perhaps competition in camp would be good.

I think Diehl will move to LG and Beatty to LT, I just am not sure it happens this year.
Diehl is a good run blocker, but struggles against the fast pass rushers and needs alot of help

I do think Seubert will be replaced as LG.

If Beatty is ready to go then moving Diehl makes sense, if not Diehl will get one more year at LT.

Other options to trade at MLB include D'Qwell Jackson and Barrett Ruud
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Giants Legend

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Re: 2010 Offseason thought - 11 Feb

Post  Pizan on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:53 pm

If a guy makes the probowl as a LT why the hell do you move him to guard? This move will happen in the future but not yet Pete.

What I like: Picks 2,3, and 5. What I dont like: everything else. It's something I would pull off in Madden 10 but not happening in real life.

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Re: 2010 Offseason thought - 11 Feb

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:10 pm

I can certainly understand your point Pizan, but I don't necessarily agree with it.

Diehl is a good LT but a better LG. Diehl is a solid LT but he has problems in pass protection; with a pass happy league and the emergence of our quality aerial attack, this is something we could upgrade.
Seubert is a very average LG whilst Beatty is a very promissing LT. It is all about getting out best 5 linemen on the field and fielding the best offensive line possible (Not that unlike Bruce Matthews for the Oilers). As I said, I am not sure this would happen in 2010 but certainly is on the cards for 2011; it will depend on Beatty's development this offseason.
If McKenzie isn't back for some reason, Diehl could also be shifted to RT.

we need to replac starters at two lb positions. Whilst we have talent, I am not sure we are going to rely on Sintim, Kehl or Goff to start (both have a long way to go). It makes more sense to bring in veterans for both spots.

As far as the trades go. I think Reese will prefer veterans to plug the gaps. With free agency this year there are limited options. I think Ryans and Rhodes are good fits. I may have underestimated their value, but it would probably be worth giving a 1st and 3rd for Ryans Rhodes respectively.
Rhodes gives us a good veteran at SS to team with Phillips and Ryans gives that leadership and intensity we need inside. There are other options, but I think Reese will prefer to trade for proven young veterans rather than sign free agents around 30.
If ytou want a recent example, just ask the Saints how valuable the Vilma trade has been for their defense; DeMeco Ryans doesn't have Vilma's injury history.

Dansby has previously said he would love playing in NY. At 28 he is still reasonably young and I think he is a great fit at SLB, not unlike a healthy Lavar Arrington. I don't think Dansby has the kind of leadership we need at MLB though I believe he is a great fit at SLB.

I also think we will look to bring in a vet DT to replace Robbins and Bernard, Dwan Edwards seems to be the best value and has promising upside.

I also think we will want to solidify most positions on defense (ie fill our major holes) well before the draft.

This is more active than the team has been in recent years, but I do think there is going to be something of an overhaul on defense.

Think about what is actually happening in my suggestion

1. Dansby - one big name free agent and certainly won't be cheap; a stud playmaker at SLB, he would be the force on the edge and also be able to cover those TEs which have caused us alot of problems (ie Witten, Celek, Cooley etc). Dansby and Tuck on the left side is very nasty.

2. Edwards - one solid free veteran agent at DT. This gives us a very solid rotation inside with alot of options and versatility.

3. Ryans - a trade for a quality MLB to anchor our defernse and provide the leadership we need. This will require a decent new contract

4. Rhodes - a trade for a good SS to anchor our secondary using his existing contract - essentially a 4 year $15.5m deal with nothing guranteed. This also gives Phillips more freedom to make plays at FS.

This means we have the core of the team established for at least the next couple of years. The draft can be used to bring in guys to develop for the future.

But as I say, this is just my opinion, It is great to hear other people's thoughts and ideas
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Re: 2010 Offseason thought - 11 Feb

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