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My thoughts on Barry Cofield

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My thoughts on Barry Cofield

Post  Big_Pete on Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:46 am

Cofield is an RFA this year, here is my expectations and why.

Firstly I think the Giants wil give him the 2nd round tender. We want to keep him, but certainly won't over pay.

I think he will get signed off the tender by another team, here is why.

The free agent DTs is very thin. Cofield is a proven, young DT who is strong at the point of attack and pretty agile; he is an ideal fit for a 3-4 DE. I expect the other young RFA DTs to get higher tenders, DT is a premium position.

There are alot of teams retooling to 3-4 defenses or wanting to upgrade their 3-4 Dline.

There is alot of talent at DT/DE this year, but all the potential immediate starters will be gone by the top of the 2nd round. It is worth remembering that DTs often take a little time to adjust to the NFL.

A 3-4 team could plug Cofield in right away and address other needs early.

Top of the list is New England. They have three second round picks (44, 47, 53) and need a DE to replace Seymour.
They also have quite a few other needs. The top tiers of DL will be gone before 44, by signing Cofield (and giving up #53), they solidify their DL with a young, proven starter (with a SB ring to boot). This lets them upgrade other positions with picks 22, 44, 47 (eg WR, OLB etc).

Contract wise, Cofield would be quite reasonable.

This gives them a very good starting DL of
LDE: Warren, Green
NT: Wilfork, Brace
RDE: Cofield, Wright
and lets them address their other urgent needs.

You know belichek is going to overhaul that defense.

I could equally see teams like the Jets, Chargers, Bills, Redskins and Browns (among others) also willing to give up a 2nd to sign Cofield as a 3-4 DE
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