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LB, Bryan Kehl Rookie blog

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LB, Bryan Kehl Rookie blog

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:01 pm

JUNE 25, 2008

LB Bryan Kehl was signed by the Giants as a fourth round pick out of BYU. At 6í2, 242 lbs, Kehl provides Big Blue with a young, versatile linebacker with great speed and productivity at the college level. Kehl was a standout both on and off the field starting as a freshman before eventually become a four-year starter at BYU. Kehl, an Academic All-American, brings both mental and physical toughness to the Giants and is expected to be an important part of the 2008 New York Giants.

Giants Rookie Byran Kehl signed with the team on Tuesday
Kehl has agreed to document his first NFL season with an exclusive diary youíll find only at!

Hey everyone and welcome to the first installment of my ďRookie Journal.Ē

First off, I just wanted to say that I finally signed a contract with the Giants and this is really an awesome experience and a great moment. To officially be a part of an organization like the New York Football Giants is something that you dream about. I have dreamed about this day my whole life and to sit down and sign that piece of paper saying youíre a professional football player in unbelievable. I started playing football at the age of eight so I canít even begin to express how cool this is. Itís great to be a New York Giant.

Anyways, the first few months here have been great. Iíve been able to come here and be a part of this organization and make the transition to the pro level. Itís really been an eye opener; there have been a lot of things I expected and a lot of things I didnít expect. The one thing I came away with after rookie camp was that I could compete on this level and was excited about the opportunities I will have here.

As most of you know we begin training camp in Albany in about a month and thatís an experience Iím excited about. However, Iím going to enjoy the time I have until camp with my family. Being from Utah, my family and I are very tight-knit and like to spend time together. We are thinking about taking a vacation to Lake Powell in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is something Iím really looking forward to.

After that itís back to business. I take pride in the fact that I try to stay in the best possible shape at all times and I want to report to training camp in the best shape of my life. Iím going to really get at it in the gym several hours a day.

Speaking of camp Iíve heard plenty of things from, ďItís the worst couple of weeks youíll ever experience,Ē to ďItís not that bad.Ē Nevertheless as a rookie and a person who loves practice and the game of football Iím actually looking forward to it. Itís interesting when you think about it because there are thousands of young men who would love to be in that situation so you just have to wake up every day with a smile on your face and do your thing.

Coming in as a rookie I know that itís tough to contribute right off the bat but thatís my goal. I want to come in and play and do as good as I can while being ready at all times.

Well, thatís all for now everyone but Iíll be back again with another installment of my ďRookie Journal.Ē

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