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article - The Giants Critique the Giants’ Picks

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article - The Giants Critique the Giants’ Picks

Post  Big_Pete on Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:24 pm


April 24, 2010, 8:17 pm

The Giants Critique the Giants’ Picks


Coach Tom Coughlin, General Manager Jerry Reese and other team
officials discussed the Giants’ seven new draft picks on Saturday. (The
day’s biggest news might have been the
possible retirement of punter Jeff Feagles.)

Here are some of their comments:

First round: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida.
“This is a very, very talented young man with a tremendous upside,”
Coughlin said. “It gives us tremendous flexibility in terms of the
number of people we have in our pass-rush rotation.”

Second round: Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina. “His
strength that he is a big man,” Reese said. “He is a powerful force on
a pass play. He doesn’t get pushed back an awful lot from the line of
scrimmage, and he holds his ground.”

Third round: Chad Jones, S, L.S.U. “He is a safety
who plays in the box, and they play him deep,” said Marc Ross, the
Giants’ director of college scouting. “He returns punts. I don’t know if
you guys know but he plays baseball, too. This kid has a nice,
versatile skill set of things he can do.”

Fourth round: Phillip Dillard, ILB, Nebraska. Reese
said Dillard would be expected to compete with the Giants’ current corps
of veterans for the starting middle linebacker spot left open by the
release of Antonio Pierce. “That really fit a need,” Coughlin said.

Fifth round: Mitch Petrus, OG, Arkansas. Petrus, the
only offensive player drafted by the Giants this year, had an excellent
season in 2009 but missed the 2008 season because of an academic
suspension. “This guy has a vicious nature about him,” Reese said.

Sixth round: Adrian Tracy, OLB, William & Mary.
Reese and Coughlin said Tracy mostly played defensive end in college,
but he showed the Giants he was probably a better fit as an outside
linebacker. Reese called Tracy a “true projection.” Referring to a
former Giants linebacker, Reese said, “We think he’s a little better
athlete than Reggie Torbor was.”

Seventh round: Matt Dodge, P, East Carolina. Dodge
was drafted as an emergency policy in case Jeff Feagles cannot return.
Dodge can also kick off, but he is not a holder (Jim Sorgi can do that).
Reese said, “This guy can hit some moon shots.”

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