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Jerry Reese talks about our LBs

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Jerry Reese talks about our LBs

Post  Big_Pete on Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:07 am

from his post draft press confernce

Q: How close
were you to taking Dillard in the third round?

A: Well,
we considered him but there are a couple of guys we considered in that
spot. We talked about him, so we were close enough to talk about him.

Was it ultimately because you liked Jones more or you thought Dillard
would drop into the next round?

A: Probably a
combination of both of what you just said there. Probably a combination
of both of that. We try to weigh what can happen and who needs what.
It's kind of crazy what you try and do in there but it's a combination
of everything you said.

Q: Dillard's not the biggest
linebacker, but is he big side-to-side?

A: Well yeah,
he's rangy and he's smart. He can play in coverage. He is 6 foot 245
pounds. He's not tall but he's 245 pounds so right now he is probably
the biggest linebacker on the team besides Sintim, just trying to think
of our linebackers here. Maybe Jon Goff, he's probably a little bit
bigger. Heavier, I should say.

Q: I heard he played

A: He played in the middle. Middle

Q: I thought he started at weakside...

He might have played some weakside but most of the time, he played in
the middle.

Q: What makes you think this fourth rounder
can come
in and compete for the starting job as a

A: Well, we are going to put him in there and
give him a chance with the rest of the guys. That's what makes me think
that. He's going to have to earn the job just like the other guys we
have here. We have some unproven guys so we are going to throw them all
in the till and see who gives us the best shot to win games.

Did you talk to the Pelini's and his linebacker coach? Did he give you
some type of advice or frame of reference?

A: We talk to
all of their coaches. Our scouts have good relationships and they go in
there in the fall all the time. They endorsed this guy and they think
he is going to be a really good player. We brought him in for one of the
visits we had with them and our linebackers coach really liked on the
board what he saw and brought to the table. He thought that he could be a
smart, tough inside linebacker that we've been looking for, and we'll


Q: At middle
linebacker, obviously Goff and you mentioned Wilkinson, Blackburn; are
any other guys in the mix like Kehl, Boley or Sintim?

All of our guys are in the mix as far as I'm concerned. We just look
for the best combination of guys. We think Sintim is a SAM linebacker
and the kid we just drafted is a SAM linebacker. We think Wilkinson
could do some things in the middle because he has played there before.
Phillip Dillard, he's in the middle. Of course Goff, Chase can play all
three, Mike on the WILL, Kehl will probably be used on the WILL but he
can probably play some middle as well so everyone is in the mix as far
as I'm concerned. We just want three linebackers on the field that can
help us win a game.

Q: Do you think this group is it for
the competition in training camp or might you add another one in
between now and then?

A: I wouldn't count that out that
we might add somebody else to the mix. I wouldn't discount that.


Q: With
Tracy, wondering if he adjusted well to linebacker drills, did you see

A: Yeah, that's one of the things that was,
because they are guys who are projections. He had his hand on the ground
most of the time when he was at school there. At his workout, there
were a lot of people at his workout. One of our scouts was there and he
really worked out well at his workout as a linebacker. The movement
skills that you have to have at that position. He did a good job and we
think he can project. If you think back, he kind of has a body type like
Reggie Torbor, who we had here for a few years back. We think he is a
little bit better athlete than Reggie Torbor was. Reggie was a defensive
end at Auburn, too.

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Giants Legend

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Re: Jerry Reese talks about our LBs

Post  Pizan on Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:40 pm

We have one of the worst LBing groups in the league. I like Sintim, I think he'll do well but he's unproven. I like Boley but he's to hot and cold. Just an average WLB, IMO. Our middle? It's a mess. A bunch of scraps fighting for a starting spot they have no business having.

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