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My thoughts after week 1 of Training Camp

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My thoughts after week 1 of Training Camp

Post  Big_Pete on Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:10 am

Here is my thoughts about the team after the 1st week.

Eli seems to have taken another step up, behind him is a little shaky


RB remains a concern. I think this unit needs to stay healthy and get the reps. Jacobs still looks too tentative at times, but he can still be the bruiser. Gatrell Johnson looks on the way out. This could be a position the team looks to upgrade. It does look as it Bradshaw is emerging as the feature back replacing Jacobs as the primary RB.

Boss and Pascoe look to be doing well, Beckum has perhaps the most upside but still has a ways to go. Pascoe looks to be the real deal as a through-back style of TE.

The Giants may have the most talented, deepest and under rated WR group in the NFL. Smith and Nicks are looking like true #1 WRs, Manningham looks good, Barden and Moss are both playing really well. Hagan is also doing well plus Tim Brown is looking great as a returner.

This seems to be a better unit than last year, but still has some ways to go at this early stage. Center could be an issue with both O'Hara and Seubert with Injuries.

This unit is loaded and starting to get back to the best. All of the guys have shown flashed, Kiwanuka seems to have realy stepped up from last year. Tollfesen is also very much in the mix.

Canty is doing really well and playing like we all thought he could. The others are all doing ok, but need more work. Nate Collins is looking promising and could earn a roster spot. Alford needs to stay healthy.
This unit is shaping up really well

Boley seems to be in mid-season form and Bullock seems to be adjusting well in his limited time here, he should bring thing together a bit more. Sintim shows promise at SLB, but needs to step up. Goff is the likely the backup MLB. There is plenty of competition at WLB, but SLB depth is an issue. There is a fierce battle here for roster spots.

Easily the most impressive unit. We clearly have 3 quality starters and Bruce Johnson is doing well too. The guys have all improved, plus Fewell's system will give them more opportunity and better help deep. This unit will surprise people.

Rolle and Grant look very good, Johnson seems better than last year and Greco is leading the rush to fill Jones spot. With Phillips likely of PUP next week, this looks to be an incredibly deep unit.

Tynes looks very solid and Dodge is very promissing and seems to be thriving with Feagles' tutoring.

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Re: My thoughts after week 1 of Training Camp

Post  Big_Pete on Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:15 am

I really like how everything is coming together, particularly on defense.

I think Fewell's system will be a great fit and the competition at every position certainly helps. I think our entire defensive roster will be capable guys.
There will likely be some popular guys who don't make the final cut, particularly in the front 7.

The way I see Fewell's system playing out, there are very few weaknesses on this unit and players will be given the freedom to make plays.

Seriously I think this defense is shaping up as the best defensive unit in some time, including the 2007 team. If it continues to come together, I think this is a dominant defense.
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