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Sintim vs Bulluck

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Sintim vs Bulluck

Post  Big_Pete on Tue Aug 24, 2010 5:26 pm

The competiton for SLB seems to be heating up.

Here are transcripts from both players

Clint Sintim

Q: How have you played the first two games?
A: The first game not as great, not as good as I wanted to. I thought I
played better in the second. I've got a long way to go to get better.
That's really the goal right now, to continue to get better.

Q: Talk about the second game.
A: Yeah. I felt better the second game. By no means is it where I want to be, but I just want to continue to get better.

Q: What do you think you did better in the second game?
A: Just be a better linebacker and everything that entails.

Q: (Coach) Tom (Coughlin) talked about you attacking the line of scrimmage more. Is that something you've been focusing on?
A: I'm just focusing on reading my keys and trying to figure out where I
need to fit and be a better player. So overall, everything I need to do

Q: How do you think the competition has been?
A: I embrace it. You've got a guy (Keith Bulluck) who has been in the
situation for so long. He's a great dude, a great asset. He helps me out
every chance I get. I just take every opportunity to learn from it.

Q: What are some of the things he's working on with you?
A: I mean the guy's been in the league, like I said, for a decade. He
knows the ins and outs of the game that I don't really know too
well-what I can look for, what I can do better and things like that. I'm
excited to be out here and just really kind of take his two cents in
from somebody who's played the game versus somebody who's actually
coached and you can kind of see it a little bit different. That's a big
benefit to me.

Keith Bulluck

Q: Have they told you that your role is going to change at all?
A: I came into work yesterday, and they said I'd be taking some outside linebacker snaps. That's what I know.

Q: They seem to like their linebackers to be flexible, is that what they told you?
A: It was never a thing that I was going to necessarily play middle
linebacker. Wherever I fit. Throughout camp, I showed that I could play
the Mike and I've been playing outside for the last 10 years. It helps
the team that I have a little bit of flexibility.

Q: When coming into a new system, now it looks like you have
to learn more than one position, is that taught on a crash course like

A: It might say a lot about my learning curve. It might be tough, but it's just a matter of getting in your book, studying your material, and going out to practice and working and applying it.
It's a little bit of a challenge but it'll be alright.

Q: So was last night the first time that you actually looked at some outside stuff in the book?
A: First time was yesterday that I looked at outside stuff.

Q: Some of the guys have said that the SAM backer here is different than on other teams, is that the case?
A: I don't know. I know that here they refer to it as the Sam, but
everyone else refers to it as the Will. It's different like that. That's
kind of a little bit confusing. I don't know. Today is my second
practice as an outside linebacker. I have yet to find out.

Q: Is this good for you? Does it help you ease into the defense if you've played the same position you have for ten years?
A: At this point, it doesn't matter. It's a different system. In the past
month or so, I've been practicing at the middle linebacker, and the last
two practices, I've been at the outside linebacker. It really doesn't
matter. I just want to get out there, help, and contribute, and be the
best linebacker I can be for this team. If and when my number is called,
I'll be ready.

Q: Outside linebackers tend to be more how's that knee doing?
A: I feel like I'm fine. My knee is fine. I thought we were done with
those knee questions. Like I said, it's been a position that I'm
familiar with. Athletically, that hasn't been a problem for me. I
haven't been there really at camp but it's never really been a problem
for me.
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Giants Legend

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Re: Sintim vs Bulluck

Post  Big_Pete on Tue Aug 24, 2010 5:31 pm

To me it seems like the front office are not happy where Sintim is at and expected him to be further along at this point.

You would have to imagine that Bulluck will have a strong chance of beating out Sintim for a start.

It seems the front office are happier with Goff manning the middle than Sintim at SAM
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