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CBA interview

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CBA interview

Post  Big_Pete on Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:19 pm

here is an interesting interview from draftcountdown.

David Canter Interview
November 15, 2010

NFL agent David Canter has helped mold DEC Management from a company of meager beginnings into a worldwide powerhouse of professional representation. Canter has represented two Top 10 overall picks (Travis Taylor & Troy Williamson), an NFL All-Pro (Stephen Davis) and currently has dozens of clients playing in the NFL including San Diego Charger Eric Weddle and Miami Dolphin Sean Smith, just to name a couple. Many are wondering how the uncertain collective bargaining agreement situation might affect the 2011 NFL Draft and Canter was kind enough to provide some answers in this interview with Draft Countdown's Scott Wright.

Scott Wright: Could the unsettled CBA (Collection Bargaining Agreement) situation lead to the 2011 NFL Draft getting moved, postponed or even canceled?

David Canter: I definitely do not see them moving or cancelling the draft. It will only affect the contract negotiations and potentially mini-camps and offseason workout programs, but the 2011 NFL Draft and Scouting Combine will proceed as usual.

Scott Wright: It seems like both the owners and players agree on the need for a rookie salary scale. When the NBA instituted their system Glenn Robinson, the #1 overall pick in 2004, received a ten-year deal worth $68 million but the following year Joe Smith, the #1 overall pick in 2005, got a three-year deal worth only $8.5 million. If / When a rookie wage scale is implemented in the NFL, how drastic of a change will it be from what we’ve become used to, i.e. contracts calling for $40-$50 million guaranteed?

David Canter: I would imagine a 50-75% reduction in the guaranteed money aspect but a lot has to happen in order for a fair rookie cap to be implemented. Unfortunately the union and the owners seem very far apart and don't appear to be anywhere near getting a deal done. Until they bridge the gap on many other far more pressing matters the rookie cap isn’t relevant to the discussions.

Scott Wright: Could a lockout, or even the threat of one, lead to more underclassmen staying in school rather than going pro this year? If so, why?

David Canter: I think if a player feels he's ready and his family agrees the potential lockout won’t matter. In fact, it could actually lead to more players coming out if they feel like a rookie cap won't come into play until 2012, but I believe that a rookie cap is coming in 2011. If you are ready then the risk of injury or having a bad season (i.e. Jake Locker) is too much of a risk.

Scott Wright: With the situations at USC, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama (just to name a few) the “Agent Issue” has become a hot-button topic in college football. What are you feelings on the whole situation and where do you think the subsequent fallout will lead the industry?

David Canter: My hope is that the all sports unions, the NFLPA, NFL, NCAA and individual states form one govering body to police the industy. If an agent is found to have paid players or given extra benefits then they should be penalized to the fullest extent. Fine their insurance policy the maximum amount, revoke their licenses, punish them criminally and revoke any other sports agents licenses.

Scott Wright: There is a common misconception that players aren’t allowed to have any contract with agents in college. Can you briefly clear up what the basic rules are?

David Canter: Unfortunately each state and even each university has different rules. The best way to get in touch with a player is to have them or their family members contact you. Anything else and an agent or agency runs the risk of violating state or school rules, but it varies so greatly that it's not easily discernible except on a case-by-case basis.

Scott Wright: Can you describe what the recruiting process is like? When do you start, how do you identify prospects that you’re interested in, etc.

David Canter: College recruiting is not a pleasant experience unless you indentify really great people who happen to be good football players. My staff and I go through a very stringent vetting process of finding as much background information about a player as possible. Typically we are contacted by 20-30 players and at the end of the process usually only sign five.

Scott Wright: In all your years as an agent, what is the craziest situation you’ve either been involved in or heard about? No need to name any names!

David Canter: Any and everything related to Tank Black was incomprehensible. Private jets, players cars bought before they were eligible, illegal payments, stealing of players monies, power of attorney, coaches recruiting and offering money. Any and everything I remember about it was just bad in every way.

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