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Is Matt Dodge the new inspirational leader of the Giants?

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Is Matt Dodge the new inspirational leader of the Giants?

Post  face on Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:16 pm

Cool How many people feel that Matt Dodge has proven himself to be the next true inspirational leader of the Giants? Through adversity, Matt Dodge has managed to '' bring the team and fans tigether''. It was Dodge who brought us back down to earth after many fans and players were becoming a little too ''full of themselves''. All the players need to step back, watch, listen and learn from Matt Dodge. Coach Coughlin has learned humility and patience from Matt Dodge. The special teams coaches have learned much from Matt Dodge as well. On behalf of football fans throughout the country, particularly Giants fans.....THANK YOU MATT DODGE. Thank you for caring and sharing. Let us enter into the new year using Matt Dodge as a role model for all profesional athletes. sunny


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