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Guy Whimper

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Guy Whimper

Post  Big_Pete on Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:45 pm

One player has been often overlooked on the Giants roster is Guy Whimper. Going into last season, Diehl and Whimper were in open competition for our vacant left tackle position. Diehl did a solid job for us last year, but is a much better left guard than left tackle.

Guy Whimper had been raw, but has all the athelictism to handle the speed rushers which give Diehl problems, but Whimper made huge improvements last year; he didn't miss a beat when he was called in at limited times. Pat Flahrety and Dave DeGuglielmo are pushing all our young guys to push for starting roles. I think Guy Whimper will be alot better this offseason and could seriously challenge Diehl for the starting left tackle spot.

The other interesting factor is that Diehl's new contract gives substantial incentives if he plays tackle; this indicated that the front office isn't sold on him at left tackle and they would definatelty like to upgrade if at all possible. I suspect that Whimper was a big reason we didn't drfat a Tackle in the draft; Whimper's physical tools are as good as any tackle in the draft and with has now two seasons in our system.

The other wildcard is Rich Seubert who has been doing a decent job at left guard; but clearly Diehl and Snee are viewed as being alot better. If Whimper is to win the left tackle spot, he will have to beat out Rich Seubert (with Diehl moveing inside to left guard). This would put Seubert back into the primary backup role, where he excels being able to cover most (if not all) of the Oline positions.

One thing is certain is that the Giants don't have to make any changes, but could be substantially better than it was in 2007 . One player I am definately keeping an eye on in training camp is Guy Whimper.
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