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Salaey Cap status of all 32 NFL teams as of 15 May

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Salaey Cap status of all 32 NFL teams as of 15 May

Post  Big_Pete on Sun May 17, 2009 4:26 am

Here is a general idea of where all the teams sit as far as the salary cap (this includes the money allocated for the rookie pool)


Cap Space As Of May 15, 2009
Posted by Mike Florio on May 16, 2009, 1:34 p.m. EDT

[Editorís note: These figures do not include the $947,000 in cap space that the league recently added for each team.]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers $36.6 million.

Kansas City Chiefs $31.1 million.

Green Bay Packers $28.5 million.

San Francisco 49ers $25.4 million.

Philadelphia Eagles $23.1 million.

Atlanta Falcons $19.9 million.

Chicago Bears $19.9 million.

Minnesota Vikings $17.2 million.

Denver Broncos $16.5 million.

Cleveland Browns $16.3 million.

Cincinnati Bengals $15.5 million.

New York Jets $14.1 million.

Jacksonville Jaguars $13.8 million.

Tennessee Titans $13.0 million.

Buffalo Bills $12.8 million.

St. Louis Rams $12.0 million.

Miami Dolphins $11.8 million.

Houston Texans $10.6 million.

Dallas Cowboys $10.3 million.

Oakland Raiders $9.1 million.

San Diego Chargers $8.1 million.

Seattle Seahawks $7.8 million.

Detroit Lions $7.4 million.

Washington Redskins $7.1 million.

Arizona Cardinals $6.9 million.

Indianapolis Colts $6.9 million.

New England Patriots $5.1 million.

Carolina Panthers $4.9 million.

Pittsburgh Steelers $4.7 million.

New Orleans Saints $4.6 million.

New York Giants $4.2 million.

Baltimore Ravens $958,000.
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