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My solution to a new CBA

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My solution to a new CBA

Post  Big_Pete on Thu Jun 19, 2008 12:26 am

I have been looking at the CBA and various issues.

Generally the system has worked well; but it needs some tweaking. Here is where I would start

give the players 59.5% of total football revenue - This is what is now

I would increase "Total football revenue" adding in some additional money not currently not included, for example the include naming rights revenue of stadiums ($20mil+ per team).

I would reduce the preseason by two games - too many are largely meaningless - this still gives 2 games to shake off the rust.

I would increase the regular season by two games - this gives two extra games will will increase regular season revenue by an extra 1/8th
this means you play your divisional games; every team in two conferences within your division and one conference from the other division.

I would limit rookie salaries - it doesn't make sense that in the current system some rookies are able to secure contracts that pay them more than top proven veterans. This would mean the bulk of the salary money will go to vets who have earned it - not guys fresh out of college based on where they are drafted. this will mostly affect 1st rounders; it will also see shorter rookie contracts as teams don't have to offset huge amounts of guaranteed money over many years.

I would allow clubs to recoup bonuses paid to players who subsequently breach their player contacts or refuse to perform. - currently this is unfair to teams as well as fans and players who honor their contracts.

expanding the playoff system to 8 teams per conference (more games) .

increase season rosters to 60 - this enables a team roster to better handle the rigors of a long season (and better cope with injuries) - also allows fringe players to get time and better training options for teams. - this means an extra 224 players (7 per team) will have jobs (likely at min salary)

How it might work

using the current salary cap as a basis

The current salary cap is approx $116 million and there are 32 teams

As this is 59.5% of the total football revenue,

Total football revenue: approx $6,240 million
Each owner's share: approx $79 mil (not including whatever they get from advertising, game revenue etc)

my suggestions:

adding the naming rights into the revenue - adds $640 million into the pool ($20 mil+ per team)

extra season/playoff games - increases revenue by about an 1/8th; which is an extra $780 million

new "total football revnue": $7,660 million
Each owner's share: $97 million
each team's salary cap: $142.4 million

- the owners win - they make more money and clubs can recoup bonus money if players to not hold up their end of contracts. Have better management options - this will offset the increase in costs eg stadium

- the players win - they get more money available, veterans get a fairer share of the money and 224 more players get paid

- the fans win - more football and less holdouts
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