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interview with Michael Jennings

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interview with Michael Jennings

Post  Big_Pete on Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:35 pm


Q&A with "One-Five"

Q: Iíve watched you practice to see if your Achilles injury impacted your speed.
A: Can I ask you, do I look fast?

Q: You do. In addition to looking very fast, you go from zero to speed exceptionally quickly. Is that a characteristic of a track guy?

A: I think itís a characteristic of track guys, but also of very fast football players. Iím so happy to be back on the field after being injured, though right now, I feel a little shaky catching the ball. But itís coming, and Iím very confident that Iíll step up my game. I expect to get better and even a little faster yet.

Q: Last year before you were injured, it appeared that you had made the team. But every year the roster is becoming more crowded with high draft picks at your position. Realistically, do you think the politics of high draft picks vs. your being a free agent could edge you out?

A: Every year that seems to be the case, but thatís just one of the realities of being a free agent. It will make it even more special when the season starts and Iím on the team. I will have persevered through adversity in the same way that the Giants did. No one thought that the Giants would be the Super Bowl champions either, but we did it.

Now looking at the roster you would think that thereís no way free agent Michael Jennings will be on the final roster. And just as the Giants had something to prove, I have something to prove, to myself, to my coaches and my teammates. And at the final cut down, Iím going to be wearing a Giantsí jersey.

Q: Why is it that you will be wearing a Giantsí jersey? You have exceptional speed but what else do you feel you can offer the Giants?

A: Swagger, confidence. I believe that some way Iím going to get the job done. If itís not by speed, it will be however I have to do it but I will get the job done. Speed is one of my main things but it isnít everything. Iíve learned that technique is equally important. When Iím all the way back from my injury I believe Iíll be on top of my game. I also have sneaky quickness when I need to use it.

Q: Since you didnít play college football, naturally you looked very raw when you were first with the Giants. How polished do you feel your game is now compared to a player who has played the game since he was a kid?

A: I feel when I look at the Michael Jennings of the past, Iím seeing a different Michael Jennings now. Thereís still more polishing I have to do but I feel that Iím as polished as a draft pick now. Iím still learning a lot from guys and at times, Iím teaching the other guys. In the NFL you have to become a veteran very fast. Shoot, after your first year, youíre a veteran or youíre gone. So each year you have to be more polished or youíre not going to be around. So, this year I have to be more polished. Coaches want to see if you learn from your mistakes and get better so #15 is going to get better.

Q: You mentioned needing to polish some things. What would they be?

A: I analyze Amani Toomer and I think heís the most consistent receiver I ever played with -- and Iíve been on a lot of different teams. Iíve learned a lot from him. Other than consistency, there are a lot of little things. I can get a little better at route running and catching the ball. Iím not catching the ball as well as I want to, but I will get better.

Q: Youíre listed at 5-11 and cornerbacks are getting longer every year. Does that put you at a disadvantage?

A: Iím not a tall receiver, but I watch Plaxico Burress. Heís a long receiver, and I look at what he does (to maximize his height) and I just try to be the longest receiver I can be. If I can play bigger, my 5-11 might go to 6-1.

Q: How do you feel you would be best used in the Giantsí offense?

A: In the slot and as a punt returner. Punt returning is one of my goals. Two years ago I returned a punt for a touchdown and itís something that Iíll never forget. A while ago, I told Coach Coughlin that I wanted to be the best punt returner in the league, and Iím still working toward that goal.

Q: Thereís been a lot of discussion about the no force-out rule. How do you feel about it?

A: The NFL is a physical game. Thereís nothing I can do about the rule, so I donít worry about it. I just put in my mouthpiece and go play some football.

(by G. Bahr)
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Giants Legend

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Re: interview with Michael Jennings

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:50 pm

I feel like I've been repeating myself for 3-4 years now but once again.. if MJ doesn't make this team I'm going to be pissed. He's done nothing in camp but prove himself time after time again and yet there's alway some crazy reason he's left out of the equation.
What ever happened to let the best players play?... oh yeah, the first few rounds of the draft.
56 Crazed Dogs
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