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2010 Franchise/Transition Numbers

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2010 Franchise/Transition Numbers

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:36 pm


2010 Franchise/Transition Numbers & Some Cap Notes

For those interested, here is the list of 2010 NFL Franchise and Transition tenders for each position.

Defensive End$12.398m$10.193M
Defensive Tackle$7.003M$6.353M
Offensive Line$10.731M $9.142M
Running Back$8.156M$7.151M
Tight End$5.908M$5.248M
Wide Receiver$9.521M$8.651M

Some cap notes – even though there appears to be no salary cap this year...

For those wondering, this year NFL teams get an additional transition tag if there is no CBA in place by the end of February. Also, since there apparently won’t be a salary cap for 2010, teams can take advantage of that by dumping high valued contracts without any ramifications (you kow, other han wasted signing bonuses); however, teams are not likely to dump contracts if any part of a player’s 2010 salary is guaranteed.

For example, Brandon Jacobs has a portion of his 2010 salary guaranteed (not that he’s in any danger of being dumped – you have to remember that he was playing on a bad knee most of last year). However, Rocky Bernard, whose 2010 cap figure is $3.75M ($1.25M being the prorated bonus), only had his 2009 salary guaranteed, so he could very well be in danger of being purged, especially considering he’s due a $50K workout bonus this year.

Another guy who has incentive to make the roster this year is K Lawrence Tynes, who would be due a $50K roster bonus if he is on the team’s opening day roster. Tynes will be challenged this year by Sam Swank, who’s due abase salary of $320K to Tynes’ $1.1M.

Someone who might be I line for a new contract would be Ahmad Bradshaw, who enters the final year of his rookie deal. According to data, Bradshaw is due a base salary of $1.001M in 2010. With the uncertain labor situation in 2011, the Giants might opt to hold off on doing a new deal for Bradshaw and ahny other player entering the final year of their contract in 2010, such as TE Kevin Boss, DE Mathias Kiwanuka, and WR Steve Smith.

Now remember, even though there’s no salary cap this year, one likely incentive for teams to dump high-priced contracts is to save money should there be a labor stoppage in 2011.

I’ll have more on the labor situation including the changes to free agency in a few weeks as we get closer to the end of the current NFL calendar year.
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