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Pete's Giant Plan (13 Nov)

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Pete's Giant Plan (13 Nov)

Post  Big_Pete on Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:40 am

The Giants are obviously not performing anywhere near expectations this year. Currently I expect the team to rebound somewhat, but we are also facing a tougher schedule. I think we will end up at 8-8 or 9-7 this season (although I hope I am wrong). (I wouldn't be surprised to see us drafting somewhere around 16).

Here is what I would do to fix the Giants current thoughts for the 2010 offseason

Team Needs

The biggest shock to me this season is our offensive and defensive lines. To often we are not winning the battle of the trenches, where previously we had been dominating.

The top priority is to bolster the trenches. We need to upgrade our secondary and upgrade our LB group

In particular with our offensive line, we need to be more physical and dominating.

The players buy into Coughlin's system and team focus. That discipline and work ethic is what is needed.
Our attitude is strong, we have the work ethic, commitment and team focus. No-one works harder than Coughlin but it seems at several points this season, we have been out-coached. It makes alot of sense to keep Coughlin at the helm.

Fire Gilbride and Sheridan
The schemes and systems simply aren't getting the best out of players. This may be a little hard on Sheridan as he is in his first year as DC, but the buck stops here.

Offensive Coordinator – Charlie Weis
I think Weis gets fired at Notre Dame, the results just aren't on the board (for whatever reasons).
Weis is a very good offensive minded coach, and he has history with this team. He develops very good schemes and more importantly, can make in game adjustments (which is my main criticism of Gilbride). We know he can feliver explosive offenses (often without super star players). Being head coach at Notre Dame is excellent experience of being under the media spotlight in NY.

Defensive Coordinator – John Fox
We need an experienced guy to handle the defence, particularly someone who is experienced with 4-3 defenses. I can’t see Fox surviving the annual end of season coaching purge. But there is no doubt that Fox is a very good defensive coach, particularly with defensive backs. Fox has an excellent defensive mind, has had success with the Giants and is a good fit. I think Fox will build on the excellent groundwork we have from Spagnuolo/ Sheridan and take it to the next level.

Special Teams Coordinator – Brian Polian
Currently Weis’ special team coach at Notre Dame; Brian is a very good coach and comes from the famed Polian family who have had much success in the NFL. Special teams has been a problem for some time for us, changes are needed.

Other coaches
For the most part I would keep the rest of the coaching staff. They are very good at what they do and have strong relationships with the players and know them well.

Free Agency

The first step of the season will be free agency. I expect the Giants to be in pretty good cap shape

Giants Free Agents
Carr, Hixon, Moss, Whimper, Cofield, Robbins, Clark, Wilkinson, Dockery, CC Brown, Feagles

1. Resign – Hixon, Cofield and Carr to reasonable contract extensions (I assume Feagles will retire). [/i]

2. Consider reasonable contract extensions for Kiwanuka , Alford, Bradshaw. Smith and Boss maybe Umenyiora, M Johnson [/i]

Release Antonio Pierce, Rocky Bernard
He proved he still has ability, but he is declining. The big reason is to save $ 4.75m against the cap. There is a lot to like about Pierce, but his contract far outweighs his performance.

Rocky Bernard has not performed as expected so far, and his status will be reviewed during the off-season. But Robbins will be gone and Bernard does provide solid veteran depth (he will at likely at least make training camp). If Cofield can be resigned then Bernard is likely on the way out particularly if we upgrade the position in the draft. This is a numbers game, Cofield isn't a super star, but he is young, experiences and is a very solid run stopper, particularly on running downs and complements Alford and Canty well; plus he should be reasonably priced. Dominating the trenches up front will be a priority particularly at DT.

This means Pierce, Moss, Whimper, Robbins, Clark, Wilkinson, Dockery, CC Brown and Bernard will be plying their trade elsewhere in 2010.

Free Agency Signings

Here are the free agent signings I would ideally like to make for the tea,

LB Demeco Ryans, Houston.
Ryans is a quality, young (25) MLB that is a huge upgrade over Pierce. He has not been happy with Houston and I think the Texans will choose to franchise Robinson instead of Ryans, particularly with the emergence of Cushing. Certainly the Texans have been very reluctant to pay him what would have been a reasonable deal, which further indicates that he could be available. Ryans is an ideal fit for the middle of our defense. The Giants give him the opportunity to play on a legitimate playoff contender behind a dominant Dline.
*other options include Barrett Ruud, D'Qwell Jackson, Derrick Johnson and Karlos Dansby

CB Richard Marshall, Carolina
A good young (24) CB on a bad team. Marshall is the type of CB we like and gives as a very good group of corners. Marshall also has more speed than Webster, Ross or Thomas giving us better match ups against quicker receivers (which have caused us some problems). Terrell Thomas has been exploited a fair bit this year, while he has potential, he is better in sub packages and special teams. Having Ross injured has really hurt. Marshall gives us 3 legitimate starting calibre CBs, which is important with the prolific passing attacks this year. The Giants give Marshall the chance to play on a legitimate play-off team with his former head coach.
*other options include Dunta Robinson and Marlin Jacskon

S Jarrad Page, Kansas City
Page is a good, solid, young (25) safety with good experience; Page ended the 09 season on IR with a calf injury. Page solidifies what has been one of the achilles heels of the defence. The Giants give Page the chance to play on a legitimate playoff team. Page gives us a solid safety rotation with Phillips, Johnson and Rouse.


Going into the draft we don't have a huge amount of needs and can generally take the best player available. We do need to upgrade DT and secondary depth at some point. I have assumed the Giants are picking around #15-#16.

1. DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina (6-3, 305, 4.95)
Austin is a quality DT prospect with strength and athleticism who can play the run and the pass.

With none of their key targets avaiable, the Gians trade back in the first round for an extra 2nd round pick.

2. DE Greg Romeus, Pittsburgh (6-5, 270, 4.75)
Romeus is a quality DE against both the pass and the run, in a similar mould to Justin Tuck. DE may be a luxury, but as in the past it always pays to be developing quality DEs for the future. Our defense relies on getting pressure.

3. DT Dan Williams, Tennessee (6-3, 327, 5.20)
(2007-09: 33 Games, 123 tackles, 17 TFL, 3.5 sacks, 17 QBH)
Williams is very under rated, but he is one of thebetter DTs in a very deep DT class. Williams is strong and disruptive and has been very productive. With Robbins and Bernard gone, the Giants need more talent inside. Williams adds a good young DT to add to the rotation with Canty, Alford and Cofield.
"High motor, consistent DT with tremendously powerful lower body." - Mel Kiper

4. OG Jon Asamoah, Illinois (6-5, 315, 5.00)
A very good, mobile guard with alot of experience. He isn't flahsy, and isn't the road grader that is popular in the NFL, but this guy gets the job done. Last year we ugraded OT, this year we upgrade inside with a quality player. Asamoah is an ideal player to develop for the future.
"He has the smarts, strength and tenacity to immediately provide quality depth and quickly develop into starting NFL guards" - Scouts Inc

4. TE Michael Hoomanawanui, Illinois (6-5, 270, 4.80)
Hoomanawanui is the dominant blocking TE we need to complement Boss and Beckum. Hoomanawanui is very strong with good mobility and athleticism.
"he will open holes and play a critical role for whatever team selects him." - Scott Wright - Draftcountdown

6. P Zoltan Mesko, Michigan (6-5, 231, 4.75)
(2006-09: 45 GP, 237 P, 10,074 yds, 42.5 ave, 66 Long, 73 I20, 0 blocked)
Mesko is a strong leg punter who is used to cold weather football. Mesko is an ideal replacement for Feagles and helps the Giants to considerably dominate field position.

7. DE Austen Lane, Murray State (6-7, 270, 4.60)
Lane is a small school DE with excellent physical tools, superb college production with the ability to get to the QB He will be raw, but he has a lot of development potential. Lane will compete with Tollefsen for a roster spot.

Positional Moves

Rouse to WLB
Rouse is fast and a decent tackler; but is solid at safety in deept coverage, but isn't anything special. Rouse is a similar size to Boley and can do similar things on the field. This would be much like Fox did with Thomas Davis after being unsuccessful at safety.

Terrell Thomas to FS
Thomas is a physical CB, but lacks elite quickness and agility. I think Thomas would be much better at FS where the play is in front of him.

David Diehl to LG
Diehl is a solid LT but consistently has difficulties with edge rushers one on one (often needing additional help). Beatty has shown a lot of potential (likely future RT) and Okung may be able to step in right away. Either way one or the other should be ready to start at LT; this will allow Diehl to slip inside to LG and allow Seubert to be the versatile backup at multiple positions.

Possible Roster

With this offseason in mind, my 2010 depth chart would be something like:

Offense (25)
QB – E Manning, D Carr, R Bhomar
WR – S Smith, H Nicks, M Manningham, Domenik Hixon, R Barden, D Hagan
TE – K Boss, M Hoomanwanui, T Beckum/ D Johnson
RB – B Jacobs, A Bradshaw, A Brown, D Ware
FB – M Hedgecock
OT – K McKenzie, W Beatty, A Koets, K Boothe
OG – C Snee, D Diehl, J Asamoah
OC – S O'Hara, R Seubert

Defense (26)
DE – J Tuck, O Umenyiora, M Kiwanuka, Greg Romeus
DT – C Canty, J Alford, B Cofield, M Austen, D Williams
SLB – C Sintim, B Kehl, Z DeOssie (LS)
MLB – D Ryans, J Goff, C Blackburn
WLB – M Boley, A Rouse
CB – C Webster, A Ross, R Marshall, B Johnson, DJ Johnson
SS –J Page, M Johnson
FS – K Phillips, T Thomas

Special Teams (2)
K – L Tynes
P – Z Mesko

I expect to see alot of underclassmen (likely substantially more than the 50 we have had in recent years). I don't think you can separate the draft from the rest of the offseason process, they are very much interlinked imho

I am assuming there is a new collective bargaining agreement in place before next season. I think the NFLPA and the NFL will make an agreement, probably at the last minute in early Jan.

Last edited by Big_Pete on Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:44 am; edited 2 times in total
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Re: Pete's Giant Plan (13 Nov)

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:05 am

I really like your thought of adding John Fox and Charlie Weiss.
56 Crazed Dogs
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Re: Pete's Giant Plan (13 Nov)

Post  Big_Pete on Sun Nov 15, 2009 1:26 am

I have tweaked it a little over the weekend, It seems btter to me
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Re: Pete's Giant Plan (13 Nov)

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