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Pete's 2010 Giant plan

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Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  Big_Pete on Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:19 am

Part 1

Overall Analysis

We learned a lot about our team. Eli has taken his play to the next level, despite the concerns of many our receivers have stepped up. Our offensive line hasn't gotten the job done consistently and will probably see a shake up. Our defence is very ordinary, I don't think there is any way Sheridan will be retained. Robbins and Bernard are all but gone as is Clark and very possibly Pierce. We need to bolster the defensive line (which many thought our team strength going into the season) .

To put it simply, too often we lost the battle of the trenches on both sides of the ball.

But there is also some promising youngsters emerging on defence with players like Terrell Thomas Kenny Phillips and Jonathan Goff.

The Giants have plenty of talent in place, perhaps the biggest thing they need is attitude and leadership. This has been a team in transition, we need the next group of leaders to step up. Perhaps the most surprising thing this year is that as a team we have not been the physical scrappy fighters we have in the past. Both of these issues will be addressed in the offseason.
All this is very fixable with a good offseason. Expect the 2010 giants to be a very different team. Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese will be very busy offseason.

The biggest uncertainty will be whether there will be a new collective bargaining agreement in place for the 2010 season. At present there will be no CBA in place, it is very possible that a new agreement (or an extension of the existing deal) will happen at the last minute, at this stage though it looks like there will be no CBA.


The Giants generally have a very strong coaching staff and there is little reason for change at most positions.

There have been calls in some sections for Coughlin to be fired, but these are very naive. Yes the ultimate responsibility lies with Coughlin, but be is a very, very good coach and will get this team back on track. We should expect to see a much tougher offseason attitude and program. In fact considering alot of our problems come back to execution, commitment and fundamentals, I would argue that Coughlin is the best coach to turn it around.

Although much maligned by some fans, Kevin Gilbride has done a good job with what we have and have developed an offense with a lot of upside. Gilbride will very likely be back next year, but could be in the mix for a head coaching gig. At this stage, I expect he will be back.

Bill Sheridan has been fired and rightly so is almost certainly gone. Not only has his defences failed to live up to expectation, he lost the respect of many players. I think we will look towards an experienced replacement. The best option at this point is Dick Jauron; he has a history of developing very good defences and uses a 4-3 system and has worked under Coughlin in the past. Bills former DC and interim coach Perry Fewell is another guy who would be a very good fit.

There is one other coach I would expect to see fired in the near future and that is special teams coach Tom Quinn. Tynes has struggles yet again and the special teams units are adequate at best. I would hire an experienced veteran, preferably Bobby April who recently opted out of the final two years of his contract with the Bills. April was the special teams coach of the year in 2004 and 2008.

This is Eli's team and he has truly emerged as a genuine franchise QB. David Carr is a free agent and will look for an opportunity for a starting job somewhere next year, there is about 50-50 that Carr will be gone. Bhomar is still raw and we will likely want 3 QBs anyways. I think we will look for a solid veteran to backup Eli if Carr leaves.

Wide Receiver
Despite the uncertainty heading into the season, this group has really stepped up. Expect Ramsees Barden to contribute in 2010 after a year of seasoning. Sinorice Moss will not be back if there is a new CBA, and s likely gone regardless. Hixon is the notable free agent (if there is no CBA) and despite our impressive WR depth will be a key resigning as he is a solid WR and quality kick returner.
Next year's WR group will be likely Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Domenik Hixon, Ramsees Barden, Derek Hagan

Tight End
Kevin Boss has stepped up this year, most notably as a solid blocker. Travis Beckum has potential and Bear Pascoe and Darcy Johnson will compete for the blocking TE role. Whilst TE depth may be something we look to upgrade, it likely won't be until the later stages of the draft.

Running Back
The running backs have done a lot worse than expected this year, but I think a lot of the problems for that start up front, particularly with Jacobs running style which is the core of our ground attack. On the surface we seem set with Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Andre Brown and D.J Ware, however this could be a surprise position in the mid-late rounds of the draft if we look to upgrade RB depth (most likely over Danny Ware). Madison Hedgecock is set at FB.

Offensive Tackle
David Diehl has been solid at LT, but really is much better inside at LG. Kareem McKenzie has been one of our better linemen this year, but once again has been hampered by injuries. William Beatty has had a very good rookie year and should be ready to legitimately compete for a starting spot next year. Ideally the Giants would like to upgrade both tackle spots, but only have one ready-made player to step. I think it more likely that we move Diehl inside to LG, start Beatty at LT and draft a RT to groom behind McKenzie. Kevin Boothe has passed Guy Whimper as the primary backup for both tackle and spots.

This has been the position where we have had problems. Rich Seubert is an average starter at best and ideally should move back to the versatile backup he used to be. Snee is a stud RG, but we need to upgrade LG. I think we slide Diehl back to LG from LT, Boothe and Koets can both also contribute. Whimper and Koets will have a tough fight for a roster spot.

Despite the poor play of our line, O'Hara has been solid, but perhaps the end is in sight. It may be time to start grooming his replacement, which may be on already on the roster between either Kevin Boothe or Adam Koets. However, I think Seubert will step back in to the backup Center role.

Defensive End
Justin Tuck is our best defensive lineman and still played well despite being limited by injury for a lot of the season. Kiwanuka has had a great season, he has been very physical and relentless. Osi Umenyiora wasn't the same player he used to be, but it usually takes 2 years to completely come back from ACL surgery. Osi has been relegated to a pass rushing specialist, and notably has been getting limited reps, however I expect Osi to be back in a genuine 3 DE rotation. Dave Tollefsen provides solid depth, but we may look to upgrade this position.

We have all the pieces in place, but we may trade Osi (depending on the new DC). We have quality starters and he has had difficulties with the front office plus Osi wants a new contract. Osi will have a lot of trade value, particularly if there is no new CBA.

Defensive Tackle
Defensive Tackle is probably the area needing most attention next offseason. Fred Robbins and Rocky Bernard have been very ordinary and will almost certainly be gone. Barry Cofield isn't flashy, but he is our best and most consistent tackle; if there is a new cba, he will be an important resigning (for the right price), otherwise he will be here. Chris Canty has shown promise, but has been hampered by injury; he and Jay Alford will be back, giving us a good 3 tackle rotation. We will still look to add at least one DT, most likely in the draft, particularly the big plugger we really lack inside.

The LB is in transition. Age is catching up with Danny Clark and Antonio Pierce and both are likely gone. Gerris Wilkinson has been solid, but won't be resigned if there is a new CBA. But there is a lot of potential. Michael Boley has added a new dimension to the team with his play at WLB. Jonathan Goff has performed well at MLB in his limited opportunities, Chase Blackburn is a valuable versatile backup and special teamer. Clint Sintim has shown potential at SLB and Brian Kehl provides depth at both SLB and WLB as well as special teams play. We will look at upgrading our LB depth, but unless there is an outstanding talent it will most likely be in the mid-late rounds of the draft (going by recent years).

Corner Back
Cornerback is probably one of our strongest positions when healthy. We have three starting calibre corners with Corey Webster, Aaron Ross and Terrell Thomas and have good depth with Kevin Dockery and Bruce Johnson. If there is a new CBA, then Dockery is likely gone. I think we will also look to upgrade CB depth in the draft to compete with D.J Williams. I expect we will go back to having 10 DBs on the final roster; either a 6-4 or 5-5 CB:S ratio.

Kenny Phillips is an emerging star at safety, Michael Johnson is a solid starter and Aaron Rouse is a good backup and special teamer. I expect we will look to upgrade over CC Brown who is solid depth and special teams at best. I think we will bring in a talented safety, most likely through the draft.

Long Snapper
Zak DeOssie is a very good long snapper and special teams player, but it is time to stop thinking of him as a linebacker.

Lawrence Tynes is a solid kicker, but had his problems yet again. I think we will continue to look to upgrade the position, but expect Tynes will probably be the guy for another season.

This will be an intriguing position. I think this will be the time that Jeff Feagles finally hangs up his boots, which means we will need a replacement, either in free agency or the draft.

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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  Big_Pete on Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:27 am

Part 2

Free Agency

If there is not a new collective bargaining agreement in place for 2010
If there is no cba in place, there will be two major impacts for the giants.
Firstly players will need 6 years of experience before becoming an unrestricted free agent. This will mean that players like Domenik Hixon, Guy Whimper, Barry Cofield, Kevin Dockery and CC Brown will not be free agents.

This will also mean there will be a lot less players available in free agency as 212 players who would have been unrestricted free agents are now restricted free agents.

Secondly there will be no cap hits if we wish to cut or trade players on big contracts. Also we could front load contract extensions for any players off contract in the next season or two.

Unrestricted Free Agents:
David Carr, Fred Robbins, Danny Clark, Jeff Feagles

Restricted Free Agents:
David Tollefsen, Darcy Johnson, DJ Ware,Domenik Hixon, Sinorice Moss, Guy Whimper, Barry Cofield, Gerris Wilkinson, Kevin Dockery, CC Brown

Exclusive Rights Free Agents:
DJ Johnson

If there is a new collective bargaining agreement in place for 2010

The Giants will very likely be in good cap shape and will be able to be moderately active in free agency.

Unrestricted Free Agents:
David Carr, Domenik Hixon, Sinorice Moss, Guy Whimper, Barry Cofield, Fred Robbins, Danny Clark, Gerris Wilkinson, Kevin Dockery, CC Brown, Jeff Feagles

Restricted Free Agents:
David Tollefsen, Darcy Johnson, DJ Ware

Exclusive Rights Free Agents:
DJ Johnson
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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  Big_Pete on Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:37 am

Part 3

Pete's Plan

I have assumed the status quo, that there will be no new cba before next season

Free Agency

player cuts
I would cut both Antonio Pierce and Rocky Bernard. Neither are the players they used to be and it is time for younger players.

I would also not resign Robbins or Clark; it is time to look for other players to get the job done.

I expect Jeff Feagles will finally hang up his boots

restricted free agents
I would tender our restricted free agents to appropriate tenders.


I would be reasonably modest with free agency signings, we don't have a heap of needs.

there are two players I would immediately look at signing:

DT Ryan Pickett (Packers)
Both Jauron and Fewell's defenses start up front at DT and this is our biggest position of need. Pickett has been very stout against the run at NT for the packers, but would be a better fit as a 4-3 NT.

QB David Carr
There is alot of teams looking for future franchise QBs; I don't think there are many opportunities for Carr and with an uncapped year, there is every chance he gets paid quite well to hold the drinks as Eli's understudy.


I wouldn't trade Osi or Kareem and think with the team we have at present, there isn't too much need to trade for other players, we will continue to primarily build this team through the draft.
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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  Big_Pete on Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:09 am

part 4

Pete's Mock Draft

The Giants have a lot of the pieces already in place. We have few major needs and are one of the few teams that can legitimately draft the best player available in the draft.

Round 1
25. DT Dan Williams, Tennessee (6-3, 327, 5.20)

"Space Eater with ability to play nose tackle in either a 4-3 or 3-4" - Scott Wright
" High Motor, consistent, tremendously powerful lower body" - Mel Kiper

With no obvious target available, the Giants trade back in the first round for an extra second round pick (ie #15 to New England for #25, #49)

Round 2
48. LB Brandon Spikes, Florida (6-3, 258, 4.75)
Goff is the incumbent at MLB and has upside; Spikes could play any of our LB spots; one thing is certain - we need much better play from our LBs.

"Leader with great intangibles who could play inside or out" - Scott Wright

49. S Nate Allen, South Florida (6-2, 206, 4.50)
Allen gives us a physical centerfielder to develop at FS
"Athletic centerfielder with outstanding range and terrific instincts" - Scott Wright

Round 3
81. OT Kyle Calloway, Iowa (6-7, 315, 5.30)
Calloway is an under rated right tackle prospect with good tools.

Round 4
99. CB Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt (6-2, 205, 4.50)
Lewis is a big physical CB with good ball skills

Round 5
132. LB A.J. Edds, Iowa (6-4, 244, 4.70)
Edds is an under rated OLB prospect with good tools and instincts.

Round 6

165. DE Alex Carrington, Arkansas State (6-5, 284, 4.80)
Carrington, is a DE with good physcial tools and decent ability to get to the QB. This DE class is extremely deep with talent.

Round 7
212. P Zoltan Mesko, Michigan (6-5, 231, 4.75)
With Feagles gone, we need a punter; Mesko is the best of this year's group and has a strong kick.
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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  Big_Pete on Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:46 am

Part 5

Possible Roster

Offense (25)

Quarterback (3)
Eli Manning, David Carr, Rhett Bhomar

Wide Receiver (6)
Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Ramsees Barden, Domenik Hixon, Derek Hagan, Sinorice Moss

Tight End (3)
Kevin Boothe, Travis Beckum, Bear Pascoe, Darcy Johnson

Running Back (4)
Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Aaron Brown, Gatrell Johnson, DJ Ware

Full Back (1)
Madison Hedgecock

Left Tackle (1)
William Beatty, Guy Whimper

Right Tackle (2)
Kareem McKenzie, Kyle Calloway

Left Guard (2)
David Diehl, Kevin Boothe, Adam Koets

Right Guard (1)
Chris Snee

Centre (2)
Shaun O'Hara, Rich Seubert

Defense (25)

Left Defensive End (2)
Justin Tuck, Alex Carrington, Dave Tollefsen

Right Defensive End (2)
Matthias Kiwanuka, Osi Umenyiora

Left Defensive (Under) Tackle (3)
Barry Cofield, Chris Canty, Jay Alford

Right Defensive (Nose) Tackle (2)
Ryan Pickett, Dan Williams

Strong Linebacker (2)
Clint Sintim, Brian Kehl

Middle Linebacker (3)
Jonathan Goff, Brandon Spikes, Chase Blackburn

Weak Linebacker (2)
Michael Boley, A.J. Edds, Gerris Wilkinson

Cornerback (6)
Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas, Aaron Ross, Myron Lewis, Bruce Johnson, Kevin Dockery, DJ Johnson

Strong Safety (2)
Michael Johnson, Aaron Rouse, CC Brown

Free Safety (2)
Kenny Phillips, Nate Allen

Special Teams (3)

Kicker (1)
Lawrence Tynes

Punter (1)
Zoltan Mesko

Long Snapper (1)
Zak DeOssie

note: player names with strike text are players on the current roster whom I expect to make training camp, but not end up on the final roster.
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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  Big_Pete on Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:55 am

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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  Big_Pete on Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:21 pm

After some thought, the best option for cloaching changes are:

Defensive Co-ordinator - Romeo Crennel

Crennel is very experienced running top quality defenses on championship teams. He has history working with the Giants and will be very familiar with tradition, history and pride. This will help us to get back the old school Giants attitude to the defense. Crennel was worked with Tom Coughlin whilst under Parcells, both will know each other exceptionally well. Crennel is a former Dline coach and will be able to shake things up in the trenches. Although Crennel likes a 3-4, he can also run a 4-3; the Pats used alot of 4-3 at times. (Although a move to a 3-4 is still a possibility albeit unlikely). Crennel has proven ability to relate well to players and get the best out of them. The Defensive coordinator of the Giants will have a reasonable amount of autonomy; Coughlin will be able to trust Crennel implicitly to get the job done, leaving hm free to address the other issues. Crennel is experienced in bringing in the kind of guys he needs for defense, this will be important with defense being a priority in the draft. Both current and past Giant players have a lot of respect for Crennel.

Defensive Line/Assistant Defensive Coordnator - Pepper Johnson

Pepper Johnson has been repeatedly passed over for the Pats DC job, it makes sense to bring him in as defensive line coach with a view to being groomed to eventually take over the defense when Crennel eventually retires. It is time we had some continuity on defense. Pepper Johnson has worked under Crennel in the past and the two will be on the same page quickly.

Linebackers - Bob Sutton (Jim Hermann should be fired)

Sutton has alot of experience with the Jets and has experience producing quality LB units and developing quality players. Sutton has successfully coached in both 3-4 and 4-3 schemes and will give the Giants more versatility on defense. I think we should go for an experieced LB coach to go with what will likely be a young LB group. Ironically Sutton is Herman's former boss.

Special Teams Coordiator - Bobby April

Tom Quinn should be fired, quite frankly the special teams play simply hasn't been good enough. Bobby April is one of the best in the business and has alot of experience developing top quality special teams units.

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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  Big_Pete on Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:54 am

deleted - new thread

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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  Big_Pete on Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:03 am

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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

Post  56 Crazed Dogs on Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:51 am

I'd be content with that defensive coaching staff.
56 Crazed Dogs
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Re: Pete's 2010 Giant plan

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